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Apr 8, 2013 HK commented on Savage Love Episode 336.
As a lesbian - THANK YOU!!! Sometimes when I go to parties, a drunk straight woman will come up to me & try to get me to make out with her to impress her straight boy friend. I am not a prop, & I AM NOT YOUR SEX TOY. I am always super mean to those girls, & I can see 'em coming a mile away. I already have a girl friend, I have a low sex drive, I'm picky, I don't like straight girls, & LESBIAN DOES NOT MEAN BISEXUAL.
Aug 28, 2012 HK commented on Savage Love Episode 305.
I can't drink because of a medical condition- I have a shitty bladder. My best friend also can't drink cuz of a bad colon. The recovering alcoholic should just say "I can't drink because of a medical condition." It's technically true anyway, as addiction is considered a medical condition. If they keep asking, she can just say she doesn't want to talk about it- they'll let it go.
Nov 19, 2011 HK commented on Savage Love Episode 258.
I was gonna say what John said...
Jul 18, 2011 HK commented on I, Anonymous.
ummm.... so what? it doesn't seem to me that it's going to plunge your life back into chaos or hook you back on the bottle to taste something cooked with a bit of liquor. Do you also not use nail polish remover? sheesh, lighten up.
Jul 8, 2011 HK commented on Trans Advocates.
Jun 28, 2011 HK commented on I, Anonymous.
Why you liberals at the stranger always have to hate on libertarians? We're actually pretty damn similar, we just don't trust the govt with our $$ as much as you do. Anyway...

the Anon clearly isn't saying that there should be NO money for these people, just that they already have and are receiving quite a bit of money- enough for vacations and multiple homes! She's not saying NO aid, she's just saying not MORE than a few thousand a month. I think that's reasonable, frankly. These adults surely have jobs and can pay some of their own expenses. Surely private charities can help out. Why I should be FORCED to give this woman more of my money so she can buy a third home (under the guise of taking care of her son) when I can barely afford new clothes (not to mention a laptop) is beyond me.

Seriously, I'm down with some welfare, hell I'm on foodstamps, but all good things in MODERATION, people!
Jun 28, 2011 HK commented on I, Anonymous.
@50 I had stopped reading the comments, just saw yours, I'm so sorry that people are saying stuff like that, but I bet your sis is one tough cookie by now and this too shall pass, eh? It's good to hear that your sister does indeed "have her shit together" and has a family member who will stand up for her. I dunno why ppl say stuff like this, I guess partly because they fear stuff like this happening to them, they want to disassociate it, so they blame the victim. Whatever, who needs 'em.
Jun 28, 2011 HK commented on I, Anonymous.
WOW some of the comments on this page are insane! way to lack empathy, internet. anyway...

I feel this kid. When I was a child of abuse, I lached onto an older girl who I thought was my friend (well, how was I supposed to know what the appropriate ways were for normal people to treat each other?), but who really just used me and treated me like shit. If she had wanted me to do drugs or be in a porn I'd probably have done it. Now who knows if she has her life together or not, but either way there's probably more to the comment the yoga-rapist made that pissed her off than the accusation that she doesn't have her shit together, it's that she's getting a wake-up call and moving away from a poisonous friendship. Good on her.
May 31, 2011 HK commented on Savage Love Podcast Episode 241.
YES! A SKEPTIC! I'm really glad Dan took the time to re-examine the outlandish claims made by that misinformed guest. Well done, Dan! =)

@13 I think there's a misunderstanding here, allow me to be nosy internet-style and try to clear it up. No one is EQUATING circumcision with FGM. The poster, like the podcaster, was using that as an example of an EXTREME of genital mutilation to make a case for how the LESS extreme non-consenting mutilation of male genitalia is not justified for cultural or even health reasons. Forcing men's genitals to conform to an aesthetic image is on the sexism continuum, too, in a way; social ownership of men's bodies. The point that feminists should stand up for men's rights, too, is valid. It's kinda like how gay people need to support kinky straight people, because sexual (and gender) liberation is what's at the heart of the matter for all of us, and it's always good to increase your allies. =)
May 29, 2011 HK commented on Are They Serious?.
hey you libs should consider voting in the republican primary anyway, just to give a nudge to the least evil candidate.

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