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Sep 13, 2011 Crafty commented on "Are you saying that society should just let him die?".
According to ehealthinsurance I (45, female, non-smoker) can get insurance for $146 a month - with a $10,000 deductible and 50% coverage.

Now, on the subject of what kind of irresponsible employed people might run around without health insurance...

Let's say I'm a day care teacher, I make $10 an hour and do not have employer-based health coverage. So, for catastrophic coverage I'm shelling out $1752, or 8.5% of my gross pay.
Scenario 1 - no use. I've been pretty healthy and I hate the doctor anyway. $0 on medical care. The $1752 is not looking like a good deal.
Scenario 2 - minimal use. I see the doctor once for routine care and once for the flu, bronchitis, a UTI - something mundane. Total doctor bills - about $400, labs $100, plus 2 prescriptions, maybe $50. Total doctor visits about $600, insurance pays $0, total health insurance $1752. Still not looking so good.
Scenario 3 - I take a regular medication which keeps me healthy, happy and capable of being employed. The $150/month for my meds leave me pretty poor, but it works for the depression, keeping the breast cancer from coming back, minimizing my MS symptoms or managing my diabetes, whatever the case may be. No way am I spending all that money on insurance which won't cover prescriptions anyway.
Scenario 4 - I break my leg. Damn, that is expensive, but not over the $10,000 deductible. Now I'm out $5000 for the leg and $1752 for the insurance.
Scenario 5 - catastrophe strikes. Brain cancer treatment $50k - $750k or breast cancer $50k - $100k, hit by a car - $0 (instant death) to more than I will make in a lifetime, heart attack with bypass surgery - $60k...Basically no matter how you slice it bankruptcy or charity care are looking like the only options. From my point of view being buried under a debt of 5 years salary or 100 years salary is about the same to me. But at least I wasn't irresponsibly running around without health insurance!

Sep 12, 2011 Crafty commented on "Are you saying that society should just let him die?".
@42 Where does $750 get 10 months of health insurance? If you can show me how someone can get health insurance for $75 a month I know people who really need to buy it. (In all seriousness; no snark intended.) When I was not working my Cobra rate was over closer to $400 than to $300 a month, individual only.
Sep 7, 2011 Crafty commented on Sad News About a Beloved Capitol Hill Fixture.
Oh how sad! Brian was one of my favorite parts of the morning. The city is poorer without him in it.
Jun 27, 2011 Crafty commented on Patty Murray Loves the Gays.
I am so happy with Patty Murray as our Senator. Her positions on issues, and her core values are remarkably consistent, rather than changing to suit the audience. That is a rarity among politicians. I appreciate her solid support for our state, for the LGBT community, for reproductive freedom and for veterans. Go Patty!
Jun 21, 2011 Crafty commented on SL Letter of the Day: Yes, Totes Gay.
@2 Perfect
She does just sound really young. Hey, it gave Dan a good chance to print the beautifully concise "into ass ≠ gay". I'll be happy to have a shorthand next time it comes up.

Jun 15, 2011 Crafty commented on Not "Asking for It".
Thanks to Cienna for a great article and to Lissa for bravely sharing her story. See you at SlutWalk!
Jun 13, 2011 Crafty commented on Why One Rape Victim is Marching in the Seattle Slut Walk—And Why She Wants You To Join Her.
How a woman dresses is not a CAUSE of rape. It may be an excuse a rapist uses. Have you committed rape? Do you feel completely unable to control your behavior whenever you see a woman dressed provocatively? You seem hell-bent on focusing the behavior of rape victims, of feminists, of the participants in this walk, while showing no apparent concern for the behavior of criminals.

I think it's reasonable to talk to women, especially young women, about safety strategies that include considering their decisions about where they go, who they go with, how much they drink and what they wear. It pisses me off, but it is reasonable from a woman's point of view to take precautions. However even women who do everything "right" get raped, and if a woman makes choices I might consider risky it is still noone's fault EXCEPT the criminal if they are attacked.

The ideas that girls will dress like sluts because of this event AND that more of them will therefor be raped are both patently absurd.

Jun 13, 2011 Crafty commented on Why One Rape Victim is Marching in the Seattle Slut Walk—And Why She Wants You To Join Her.
I am definitely concerned about, and virulently against rape perpetrated against anyone, anywhere! I often rant about the fact that rape of men in prison is treated as a joke, and I think there is a real need for services for male victims of all kinds of sexual abuse.
Both men and women are welcome at this event. The specific "Slut Walk" theme is because of the comment quoted above, that if women don't wish to be raped, they should not "dress like sluts", which is clearly aimed at female rape victims.
Your argument seems to be that every event or media story about rape should include men and women equally, otherwise it "sustains the idea of female inferiority" and "creates an unrealistic fear in women" This seems disingenuous to me. Saying that the fastest growing group of rape victims is men, doesn't negate the fact that far more people who have been raped are women. 1 in 4 women in this country has been raped. I'm one of them. Most women are in fact afraid of being raped, and take regular steps to avoid it. This is not unrealistic, given the fact that for this particular crime being a woman DOES vastly increase the chances that you will be a victim.
Nov 18, 2010 Crafty commented on UPDATED: Video Shows Seattle Cop Kicking 17-Year-Old Boy in the Groin Even Though His Hands Were Up; SPD Begins Misconduct Investigation; KIRO Says SPD Had Video for Some Time But Did Nothing.
This is really disheartening. I just did not think this was the kind of city I lived in. I've been here for 22 years and for most of that time I did not think about the police often, but had a generally positive impression. I always felt safe at various events, and the police presence seems of an appropriate level and usually very polite. That being said, I am white and middle class, and so are the events I go to. Even though I would not consider myself that mainstream, it's clear I probably seem nice and harmless to cops; they wouldn't give me a second look. My biggest complaint has been that they can take a really long time to show up to a call.

This kind of incident has been coming to light for several years now. It's clear that some cops have been contemptuous and violent toward suspects, almost always non-white ones.
It is just not acceptable. There will always be some individual officers who cross the line. The problem is that the SPD has not been drawing a line. There have not been appropriate consequences, and police who are brutal continue to work and show the same pattern.

I'm really curious if things have gotten significantly worse over the last few years, or whether I have just become more aware because now there are cameras everywhere, so incidents are exposed. (Not to mention, I read The Stranger.) I'd be interested to know what other long-time Seattle dwellers think, especially anyone who is not white, or who has actually been questioned or arrested.
Nov 4, 2010 Crafty commented on A Woman on the Roof of the Courthouse Is Threatening to Jump.
She does not look safe yet. She is halfway across the catwalk between the buildings. IT GETS BETTER!

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