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Jul 17, 2013 OnceAndAgain commented on The Stranger Endorses McGinn for Mayor.
That's cool that Shari Song is a mom. Is there a reason why we know she has produced children but we don't see that information about the other candidates?
Feb 1, 2013 OnceAndAgain commented on I Know I'm a Man So I'm Not Supposed to Have an Opinion, but I Don't See What's So Awful About Obama's Contraception Rule.
This post would read as a much more legitimate argument if the title didn't make you sound like a butthurt "men's rights advocate."
Jul 1, 2011 OnceAndAgain commented on Pasta Addict.
All that they had left at 1:30pm today was a linguini with some kind of meat, and I asked for it vegetarian. So basically I'm just eating linguini with a simple spicy tomato sauce, which normally I'd be irritated to pay $9 for. I cannot be too emphatic on this point: totally worth it. I'm glad it's cash-only; that will help prevent me from going there every single damn day.
May 20, 2011 OnceAndAgain commented on George R. R. Martin Will Be Reading in Seattle.
Storm of Swords was published in 2000. The new one is A Dance With Dragons. Come on Slog, get it right or pay the price.
Nov 11, 2010 OnceAndAgain commented on Savage Love.
Liberal Christians ALLOWED fundamentalists to "hijack" Christianity? Moderate Muslims allowed insane fundamentalists to "hijack" Islam, I suppose? What the hell are we supposed to do about it? I mean that as an honest question; how do you imagine that liberal Christians have any more influence over fundamentalist Christians than you do? Christianity is not like a parliamentary body that debates and votes on what our message to the world is. I'm completely baffled by your supposition that liberal Christians have some magic power over the right-wing religious assholes that we are just too meek and passive to exert. Dan, you're seriously an insensitive asshole for your attitude toward liberal Christians who do work to preach the message that our faith is compatible with and supportive of homosexual people and homosexuality. Telling us that we're 50% of the problem when we're actively working to help is just asinine, hateful and ignorant.
Aug 17, 2010 OnceAndAgain joined My Stranger Face
Aug 17, 2010 OnceAndAgain commented on Savage Love.
Dan, is there a reason why you switched NOPE's name to PORN at the end of your response to her?