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  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: Dan has always secretly wanted a three way with Colin Powell and Michael Moore
  • What piece of art would you steal?: Why steal it- I can see any piece of art I want on the Internet
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: My belly
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Fantasy Novels
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all

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Canadian Joe is Relaxing...
Mar 3 Canadian Joe commented on SL Letters & Tweets of the Day: An Enemy of the Bi People.
Hey Cog! Welcome out, eh. :)

So, I *know* I'm not the best person to be giving advice, but what the hell...

See if anyone in your lesbian and bi girl circles are in the same boat as you: newly out, looking to explore, don't know how to meet anyone. And see if they'd be into some low stakes experimenting.

Totally get what you mean: dating friends can be a bad experience. My only advice there is to keep it light and casual, drop the sex aspects if the friendship starts to go sour, and don't sweat the small stuff. :)

Go get 'em, COG! :)
Dec 30, 2011 Canadian Joe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sex Advice That Works. sweet. :D
Jun 23, 2011 Canadian Joe commented on Savage Love.
Hey, I have a question for Dan.
I think the santorum name change was an amazing thing, and the website reminded me that RS is still spreading his own santorum far and wide. But I wonder why you keep posting about him on slog and mentioning him in the column. Why him specifically and why keep bringing it up?
Jun 17, 2011 Canadian Joe commented on Vancouver, BC, Goddam.
@ 9 and 29

I can understand. I wasn't impressed with the actions of my fellow Canadians either. But I wanted to share this:…

Consider it an alternate viewpoint. :)
Apr 1, 2011 Canadian Joe commented on Who's a Flying Monkey Now?.
Question: Who's a flying monkey now?

Answer: MEEEEEE! :D
Feb 6, 2011 Canadian Joe is Relaxing...
Feb 6, 2011 Canadian Joe commented on A Little Stupor Bowl Counter Programming.
May I offer, as a further counter programing:

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables…
Dec 9, 2010 Canadian Joe commented on Required Viewing: Rachel Maddow Interviews Author of Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Law.
Mr Bahati. You need to take a serious look inside your soul and ask yourself why you are backing this bill. You know it's not right, it comes across in these videos loud and clear. You cannot discuss evidence, you cannot answer direct questions. You know this bill is a lie, and we know you know. You are fooling no one.

@18 Actually, I have to disagree with you, Regino. Rachel Maddow did exactly what she needed to do: gave David Bahati enough rope to hang himself with, and called him on his bullshit.

One last thing: if this is a 'Ugandan bill meant to protect the children of Uganda" why the fuck is he kicking around the United States drumming up support?
Nov 5, 2010 Canadian Joe commented on Guess Who's Running for President?.
Hmmm...but, imagine for a moment, if she was the 2012 candidate?

Clinton v Palin for president?

It's enough to make me hope the world *doesn't* end!

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