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Mar 9, 2012 Sibby commented on Let Kirk Cameron Know You Support His Stand Think He's a Douchebag.
Dear Kirk,

I want to thank you for being faithful to the Gospel of Christ.

Your response to Piers Morgan's questions were thoughtful and based on sound Biblical doctrine.

And no one can do more than you can to make sure that the bible is widely ridiculed as a pathetic leftover from an ignorant and barbaric time. Every time you open your mouth, you make sure that the lying culture warriors can't get away with supposed sociological arguments against marriage equality. Every speech you give makes it clearer that evolution is true and its detractors are lying to themselves and everyone else. Your inherent absurdity and pathetic mien has driven more and more people to make it clear that they're nothing like that guy. Young men disavow homophobia so as not to suggest any allegiance to you and yours. Progressive religious people scramble to distance themselves from the hate and ignorance you espouse. Why, I'm sure you've inspired many a young writer, actor, and filmmaker to go all the way to Hollywood, armed with your example of the worst possible way to tell stories and make your case.

You've done more than anyone to bring out a progressive, secular, just America for all.
Apr 20, 2011 Sibby commented on Campus Conservative Group Attempts to Piss Off Campus Liberals, Succeeds.
This is all the conservative club ever did on my campus. They'd pull, on average, one ridiculous stunt a year. Inviting a homophobic lecturer for a lovely talk called "The Born Gay Myth" or something like was the first one I was there for, on a campus that was, last I looked, 40% gay- or bi-identified. Predictably, one sensible protest was organized but it fell apart into a whole bunch of screaming. The conservative nutcase got to feel persecuted and whine about it on various Fox-ish blogs, the angry lesbians and their allies got to yell at an enemy, and, well, everyone got what they wanted and nobody won. The next year they tried another weird pundit talking about how hate speech is a liberal conspiracy to oppress freedom-loving people everywhere, but no one took the bait, so it comes in waves. The rest of the time they were pretty much ignored, except when it turned out the club with about ten members that never did anything was getting several thousand in funding, or they put out a barely-edited newsletter with glossy paper and lots of color and shots of the apparently illiterate staff showing their cleavage (there were literally misspelled common words all over this thing; I'm not being a total elitist liberal snob here)... As far as I could tell their usual activity was mostly starting fights with each other and sighing loudly about how the school oppressed them. In fact, I think I remember a "Conservative Coming Out Day." So it's been done. And nobody came, of course. They were usually good for amusement.
Apr 7, 2011 Sibby commented on Urinal of the Day: The Mysterious Case of the University of Massachusetts and the Gender-Nonconforming Mystery Urinal Mystery.
I've always been confused by those, yeah. It doesn't help the the bathrooms (in the science buildings, anyway, which is the only place I ever spent time in on that campus) are murky and echoey and smell even more than you'd expect college bathrooms to smell. It's very confounding.
Feb 25, 2011 Sibby commented on Dear Science.
Oh for... *grumble* Vaccines do not contain "mercury" any more than table salt contains "sodium." Those metallic elements in their pure form are extremely dangerous. Bonded with other elements, tehy have different properties, effects, physical states, etc. That is how the world works. Please return to eighth-grade chem if this is a difficult concept for you.

And if you need a reason to vaccinate your special snowflake babies that will totally never get sick because you give them organic tomatoes and pat them on the head a lot, here's one. Children whose immune systems are too weak to support immunizations (you know, cancer patients and such) need herd immunity to be protected. At best, your selfish insistence on defying science in favor of what your gut tells you results in these kids having to stay home all the time to protect them. At worst, yes, your tough little cookie fighting off diptheria will infect a classmate with leukemia. Dead or permanently disabled children. Full stop. Grow a brain, please, or at least a basic conscience.
Feb 15, 2011 Sibby commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
Physics! Laws of Thermodynamics! Conservation of Mass!

...Am I a certified hater of everyone with a weight issue now?
Feb 14, 2011 Sibby commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
Oh, for Christ's sake, when did Privilege Denying Guy become the inverse Godwin's Law for oversensitive, pseudointellectual internet vigilantes? You do not win the argument because an overused macro is on your side.

Not even going to comment further. This is too much of a mess for me.
Feb 10, 2011 Sibby commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pull Up a Chair....
Wow, this has dissolved almost entirely into hating on women's studies. Kind of a step down from expressing confusion over asexuality, there.

A postulate: The women's studies majors you remember are the ones who like to rant irksomely. Think of your general pool of acquaintances. Do you know most of their college degree programs? Having attended a school with a lot of women's studies majors, there were ten interested scholars for each pontificating pain in the ass. Selective memory being what it is, consider that.

A second postulate: Women and gender studies is, y'know, a liberal arts thing. The whole point of liberal arts is to study what interests you while preparing to be a well-rounded and sensible person. Not a lot of jobs in the studies of women and gender field, at least not directly, but how many jobs are there for a classical history major? An art history major? Furthermore, women and gender courses tend to be interdepartmental and very customizable, so it's more a specialty within an anthropology/psych/history/sociology degree than anything else, like being a religion major. You can question the liberal arts education model if you like, but women's studies works just fine within that.
Feb 10, 2011 Sibby commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pull Up a Chair....
Oh, for fuck's sake...

Dear self-righteous asexuals who enjoy feeling victimized and/or soapboxing,

Please go and educate people who actually require education. There are very few people left in the sex-positive, educated, accepting world (y'know, pretty much all readers of Dan Savage, for a start) who haven't clicked over to any given resource and run through the various over-intellectualized terms for every possible gradation of human sexuality. (I don't know what it is with "the asexual community," but its spokesfolks are really, REALLY into making everyone use exhaustively correct terms for everything and always constructing every sentence so as to never take a risk at seeming insensitive ever.) It's a legitimate use of time and energy to educate the general populace about asexuality, to help free people who really have felt harassed and abandoned and to guide their families and loved ones to understanding. Go and do that. Clever, tech-savvy people who read sex advice columns know asexuality is a thing. They do not have to listen to your canned tirades that don't address any of the issues at hand. You sound like a creationist who jumps into any discussion about science with misinformed talking points about why "evolution" isn't a thing.

If you really want asexuality to be an accepted thing, then what you want is equality, not to be special. Just like the behavior of gay men into barebacking can be criticized without there being any homophobia before, people can say things about asexuals that isn't "Asexuality is made of glitter and bunny rabbits!" without you needing to defend yourself from all the badness, kay?

An asexual who's aware of real problems (Oh, sorry, everyone who was about to start yelling that I just don't understand your horrible plight.)
Feb 4, 2011 Sibby commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Sexual Reflects On Nearly Asexual Ex.
@ 71 How can I put this... No. Asexuals have not been responsible for any fucked up repression of sexuality. You sexual folk did all that yourself. How many crazy sex-negative preachers of all stripes are one day found with a mistress or rent boy or whatever poison they most railed against? There are, I reiterate, really, really few asexuals. And most asexuals aren't revolted by sex, just bored and confused. That's usually what happens when you're at odds with your own sexuality or desperate to control everyone else's or both.

@ 81 Sorry to rain on your painfully self-congratulatory parade, but I'm anti-theist. I read lots of Richard Dawkins (though, admittedly, most because of his biology, because I am a nerd), I enjoyed Religulous (even if Bill Mahr is damned annoying sometimes), and so on. You'll notice my qualifications of "wince-inducing" and "militant." I am not attacking people who hold anti-religious views. You'll notice I'm, uh, reading Dan Savage's blog, for instance. I'm attacking the one's who turn every conversation that touches remotely on religion into a rant, that act offended if someone in the room dares be religious, and otherwise behaves exactly like the most insufferable Christian nutjob. Holding views-that I happen to share, thanks-and being passionate about them does not excuse the "Everyone's mean to me and I'm a martyr and now your conversation is mine to fill with blathering rants" school of social interaction, whatever your reason. I'm also childfree, and I'm still aware of the rude, boring, short-fused, dim-witted, and entitled among us. Way to go telling me off, though. I definitely don't think you're any of those things now.

Not a Yankees fan, though. Bleh.
Feb 3, 2011 Sibby commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Sexual Reflects On Nearly Asexual Ex.
@33: That's been mentioned to me, now that you mention it, and I guess it makes sense. It's rather like learning about a different religion or a language unrelated to one you actually speak, I think. There are all these rules completely obvious to the natives that no one ever feels the need to explain and that seem damned arbitrary if you're not in the loop. That said, my intention was more to point out that there are asexuals who think sex is icky, who think sex is just kinda weird, or who think sex is just fine or even kinda fun, just not a driving force (that last one would be gray asexual or "minimally sexual," as we're going with here). And some people in the latter two categories can work things out with sexual partners that seem to work. Don't ask me how. I've never gone digging for details.