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Nov 25, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Savage Love.
Happy Thanksgiving Dan and everyone. I loved this week. Dan's writing and advice are great even when he's in a cranky (headache) mood.

What are you all thankful for (inbed)?

Me? I'm in a mostly sexless marriage. But last night she agreed to the old routine. I gave her: 15 min foot rub, 15 minutes of oral, 15 min of magic wand, and after her big oh, she let me in. Mind blowing. We're about to do the whole round of family and parties, so I can't quite share this.

There's hope for everyone. Cheers. I can't wait for xmas.
Oct 15, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Savage Love.
Dan's nailed it. These kind folk want to believe they are good people because they don't promote hate. Problem is they promote hate and bullying silently with their silence. Christian kids get the hate messages even without their parents being the delivery persons.

Dan's words are so fun to read, but don't just read what Dan says, reach out and volunteer with school kids. If you don't, some Christan mom, with an empty nest and closed mind is gonna be volunteering without anyone to keep her in check.
Oct 8, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on It Gets Worse.
Awesome video.…

FYI. It is satire. It's pro gay. I guess the dorks at youtube can't read any sub text, so they blocked the video.
Oct 8, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Here's What I Want For My Birthday.
done. I gave 5 bucks. What is the total so far?
Oct 8, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Unfuckingbelievable.
Dan is 100% correct here.

No more excuses folks. We need to unite more and say no more compromise. No more torture, no more robot drones that kill 50% civilians, not even 1%. - no more prisons without fair trials ( migrants and guantanamo ) and no more discrimination of gay people. Not on marriage, not on adoptions, nada.

If you start to bargain away civil rights it shows you have none.
Sep 22, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Savage Love.
Another suicide hotline for gay or questioning youth

(866) 4-U-TREVOR
(866) 488-7386
Sep 22, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Savage Love.
If this goes viral, and I'm hoping it does, there is equal chance the right wing people will create more mockery of gays. They will say the gay community created a poster child for a straight kid.

Screw the haters. Dan has never lost any debate with them. Everyone should just be aware of this so the hate message can be fought.

The boy hung himself, and verbal abuse about being gay was directly related. Many neighborhoods are so biased against gays that even a straight kid is pushed to suicide for being labeled "gay".…

Don't give the haters any more fuel for their fire. Don't label the kid gay until more info comes out. Do support any effort like this to create more systematic supports.

Can someone creating a video add the 800 phone numbe? 800-273-TALK Here is the FAQ on the teen website.
Sep 22, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Savage Love.
Hey Dan, Stranger copy editors, and fellow readers.

It is currently not known if Billy was gay. We may never know. It may not matter to some people, but it seems the family may have feelings about this. See the FaceBook tab under "Discussions". So few facts are known. It's possible he was gay and the family did not support him when he was alive and desires to hide it after his death. That would be extra horrific if it was true.

Here is the best news I could find so far:…

There's nothing on this in the Chicago Tribune or most media websites as of Sept 22nd, 13 days after his death.

It's horrible Billy is gone. He had been suspended from school that day for an attempt to stop those with a long history of bullying him. Being called gay was part of the abuse.

I'm a teacher and I've asked Dan back in 2005 to write a book for gay teens in schools. I got in trouble for sending a kid to the office every time he used "gay". I'd make a youtube video but Dan's request is only for people who are gay.…

ps: As another teacher said, youtube is blocked in most schools.
Sep 21, 2010 lilbaby103 joined My Stranger Face
Aug 23, 2010 lilbaby103 commented on Savage Love.
Hey Dan and tech savvy youth. Awesome job as always! Below are the videos Dan mentioned in his podcast...the bigots getting taken to the carpet.…

As for porn...Simon Louis Lajeunesse is the professor who could not complete a study about men and porn because he could not find a control group of porn free men. He ran another porn study mentioned here.…

It would be cool if Dan or his youth staff got an account for bookmarks. Dan mentions a lot of great stuff, but not all of it is easy to find with google.

Networked bookmarks are anonymous, great for research, and great for finding porn.…