May 6, 2014 RedEye commented on Seattle Is a World City?.
Seoul has more buzz than any other Asian city? Really?
Apr 29, 2014 RedEye commented on Johnny Clegg and the Story of My Great Shame.
@2. To each his or her own. Mr Mudede's writing style is for me a pleasure to read and keeps me coming back to The Stranger.
Jan 25, 2014 RedEye commented on Chatterbox: This Afternoon, the Internet Is Talking About Lean In: The Movie, Clay Aiken, and George Zimmerman's Criminally Bad Paintings.
I don't like Zimmerman or this painting. But don't most artists who paint likenesses or portraits often work from photos? The criticism seems selective.
Dec 23, 2013 RedEye commented on Man Who Never Heard of The Stranger Is Upset that The Stranger Publishes Dan Savage.
If Dan gives this guy one of his usual sardonic retorts, would you please give us the pleasure of showing us his response as well?
Jun 21, 2013 RedEye commented on Who’s the Boss?.
you must be young....
Mary Martin was an actress best known for playing Peter Pan in theater and in movies/TV. This candidate is a namesake of that long dead actress. Larry Hagman, another dead actor, was in fact her son.
May 17, 2013 RedEye commented on Wedding Crasher.
yea, who was the second mystery figure under wraps???
Jan 28, 2013 RedEye commented on Strange Fruit on 20th and Columbia.
Charles, don't your recognize Weaver Bird Nests? Perhaps other species than homo sapiens can find a new home in Seattle....
Dec 19, 2012 RedEye commented on Piers Morgan Calls the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America "an Unbelievably Stupid Man" During an Interview with Him.
Absolutely unbelievable! I actually like Piers Morgan in this clip. The end is nigh....
Nov 21, 2012 RedEye commented on I, Anonymous.
Is the author of this week's rant trying to channel Charles Mudede's old police blotter reports?
Nov 9, 2012 RedEye commented on Coal Piles Taller than the Columbia Tower and Wider than Downtown.
We cannot force the railroad to build the overpasses. I have heard various figures, but they can only pay not more than 5% to 10% of a rail crossing improvment, the rest has to come from somehwere else. Some sort of federal law protecting interstate rail traffic from long long ago applies here

It is, however, possible to try and say that the company building the port, SSA Marine, could be forced to mitigate the costs of such overpasses rather then the railroad (which would be 100s of millions throughout the whole state, as this impacts more than just Seattle).

However, SSA Marine will be arguing hard that they should only have to mitigate costs that are related to the buildign site at Cherry Point in Whatcom county, not anything beyond.
Go to the scoping meeting and ask for the cost of the overpasses to be mitigated!

(it would be my hope that this sort of mitigation of cost would be adked of SSMA Marine and Peabody Coal as a condition of bulding the port, and that this would make the prouject too expensive for them to actually follow through and do. Then we would not have coal ports or coal trains!)