May 29, 2012 cracker commented on Savage Love.
The new Tunnel's could be "The Geoduct" honor of replacing the Via-duct....our good old trusted friend, retired in tact, no earthquake beat it down, Oh ya! operators with machines are taking her to a good spot.....a friend of mine told me he heard that from a seagull in a dream or something.

South Park is on Board and G-Town is up for anything...what say You CapHill?...Ballard? P-Square, let's hear it Aye!

Seattle Rocks, rolls and Oh ya! uh -huh! definitely! go tribe:) (just right of G-Town before Boeing field uh ha! :))))
Feb 9, 2012 cracker commented on Savage Love.
Hi Dan, I love listening to your show. I was recently struck by an idea that i thought worth sharing.

given that Gay marriage is not yet legal Wa. IF the referundum is put to a vote this season, which looks to be the case.

I see an interesting connection, between Gay marriage legalization AND the question of Abortion on Demand as provided by different services here in the US.

Here goes. There is no doubt in my mind (a married man), that children strengthen the commitment of two people to their beloved union.

and while physically it is impossible for two men or two women to make a baby. they can and should be able to adopt. this adoption fits into the natural progression assumed, that from the marriage will come offspring.

So,if proponents of Gay marriage wish to solidify the legitmacy of Gay marriages, by adoption of unwanted children.....then aborting unwanted potential children would undermine the opportunity to have children to care for and to grow into society in decent ways.

I think, and find it reasonable to discuss, the value of Gay Marriage not only to the indviduals involved, but to society, by way of child rearing, care, and growth of unwanted would naturally call forth a common sense desire to reject abortion, unless it falls into the time honored catagories of , Rape, incest or health of the mother.

In other words, proponents of gay marriage , who wish to adopt,who wish to strengthen their marriage through parenthood and shared growth.... would promote the logic that there is a place for the unwanted children and babies in their homes and hearts, It is one more alternative to Abortion.

If gay marriage proponents , link up to Abortion critics, with this common purpose, both have valuable situations that help each other. Strange bedfellows for sure, but when it comes to the value of life, the sanctity of it, and respect and recognition of it, we can all work together, we can all play a part.the world is an interesting place.

No need to respond Sir, it's just an idea that seems to be worth discussing.

Best to You and Yours.
May 25, 2011 cracker commented on Seattle Erotic Art Festival in Photos.
Glad to see The Corp representin!
May 20, 2011 cracker commented on Steve Scher's Letter Firing Cliff Mass.
I've listened to Steve over the years, and have also listened to his guest Cliff, and thoroughly enjoying "Weekday". I like Steve Scher, and it is Steve's show.

So there you go, Do what you think is best Steve, that's one of the reasons why I listen. I am sure this is a creative approach to maintaining Cliff's presence and commentary on KUOW. I look forward to whatever new segment or situation you all will create.
May 3, 2011 cracker commented on More Life/Light Goes on After Osama.
"Indeed life goes on"- MLK Jr.
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Aug 25, 2010 cracker commented on Freight Advocacy Group Probably Pledges $5 Million to Replace South Park Bridge.
South Park Bridge,

it seems everyone is only being fed one side of the story.
Since the bridge has closed, crime has gone down, it's quieter and cleaner and most of the biz on 14th is doing fine. There are a growing number of homeowners who are trying to get the city and state to recognize this. For every reason they say we need a bridge, in truth it was always a no bridge option choice in the early days, this project is about creating temporary jobs, netting federal funds and basically doing something just to do it.

Since south park is surrounded by heavy truck corridors, one more straight through the down town is of no use. There is alot more to this story, and SP is being used as a tool. and quite possibly the only opportunity it will ever have to become a safer more desirable place to live being suppressed at what seems like every city county and state corner.

Since this began, I asked one question about this whole thing, why do we need a bridge?, given that so far without one, the quality of life for the residents and families and children of SP has gotten better......and no one, not he Bridge Coalition People, the city or the county have been able to provide one single response. on the neighborhood list , these questions remained unanswered by the community members, the thread ended with people posting "I want a bridge" as if they were sitting on Santa Clauses Lap. Finally on my own neighborhood list the request to just shut up were coming, silence, people wanted silence. in one of the greatest and open minded civilly outgoing cities in the US., when intelligent and thoughtful questions were unable to be answered, the response was for silence.

Because of this push there are bigger DOT players piping up in what appears to be a need to "Tow the line" but the logic doesn't hold water,
Traffic will be re-routed for at least four years, port of Seattle has already re-routed, the complaints of longer wait times, first attributed to the missing bridge are now connected to the construction and closure of Spokane and 1st and 4th avenue. the congestion due to this work is clogging Michigan access.

When the bridge closed it effectively cut off the ne'er do well and criminal element that has plagued SP and intermingled with it's own embedded criminal element,

it's quieter and cleaner and safer on 14th, without a bridge , there are now business incentives to offer entrepreneurs for a healthier grocer, a pharmacy and household goods, something that would end the need of the SP inhabitant to have to exit there own neighborhood and drive to obtain these things.

Instead with a replacement, we remain with a highway through our main street, and with the viaduct closure looming we have invited a super highway. and the incentives for biz on 14th remain for trucktires, axle grease and beer and cigs for the crossing ne'er do wells from the crack hotels on E. Marginal

The concepts of, instead of a replacement bridge, SP has a town plaza at the end of 14th , with green space, an amphitheatre and a public boat dock (all things that align with the SP action agenda, and Seattles urbandwelling plan goals have been outright dismissed.

For the resident of SP, their families and children, there is more opportunity here without a bridge and no one wants to talk about that.

This whole thing is being rushed, cobbled together, and shoved down anyone's throat who is even the slightest bit concerned that it may be a bad idea ,

and once the heroes have gone home to their nice neighborhoods...... it is the resident of SP and their families and kids who will be penalized for the next 80 years, with new battles of survival.