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  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
Nov 15, 2013 gnarly commented on Short Film Fridays: Of Obamacare, Hey Marseilles, and Link.
That video probably shouldn't make me cry- but today it does. Beautiful work, and MAN I miss Seattle now....
Sep 14, 2013 gnarly commented on Vote for Winner of The Worst Tattoo Contest!.
Seriously? Over 700 votes for Two Pentagrams? It's bad, face-tattoo-bad, but 700 votes?

This was a hard choice, but I chose Ungrateful Dead, simply because it made me laugh every time I looked at it. And now I can feel better about my own "I was 18 and just wanted a tattoo" tattoo.
Jul 1, 2013 gnarly commented on What You're Not Wearing: Big Gay Pool Party Edition!!.
Damn! There's so many sexy people in Seattle. ALL OF YOU!
May 24, 2013 gnarly commented on Hockey Players With Pets.
So much drool on my keyboard now- DAMMET Megan!
May 3, 2013 gnarly commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mr. Wonderful.
This letter could have been written by my younger self.

VAG- Get out, save yourself. This is abuse. Your anxiety will only get worse if you stay. You may love him so much it hurts, but what he's giving back to you isn't love. You deserve (and will someday have) SO MUCH MORE.

It gets better.
May 1, 2013 gnarly commented on Jason Collins Is the Envy of Straight Men Everywhere.

Why can't Sherman just be in charge?
Apr 9, 2013 gnarly answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
Apr 4, 2013 gnarly commented on SL Letter of the Day: How Do I Know?.
@33, FTW
I just almost shot breakfast out my nose laughing.
Jan 24, 2013 gnarly commented on I Can't Feel My Face.
I need a better job!

Jan 8, 2013 gnarly commented on Have You Gotten Your Flu Vaccine Yet?.
God I hope all those people who voted for option 3 are joking. I don't want to believe that other people still believe that bullshit....

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