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Feb 3, 2012 themayor206 commented on Church or Cult?.
I meant to say "an ex-girlfriend and I" oops.
Feb 3, 2012 themayor206 commented on Church or Cult?.
About 5 years ago or so an ex-girlfriend decided to start attending Mars Hill with the intention of eventually writing a book about the attraction of mega churches to people in their twenties, a generation considered to be faithless overall. We were both avowed non-believers but were fascinated by those who did believe. We attended the weekly services in Ballard, joined their new weekly bible study group which was being held at the church, and even became friends with one of the pastors and went to his house for dinner with his young family. The further we dug into the church the more creepy things came to light. After a shitty breakup the book fell to the wayside and was swept away with the other detritus of our failed relationship. I'm glad someone has finally had the balls to tell the public about their creepy controlling ways. We were told that if we became members of the church (something we had no intention of doing) we would have to declare our intentions to marry within six months or be forced to separate. Good job Stranger and thanks to Andrew and Lance for their courage.
Sep 28, 2011 themayor206 commented on Drunk of the Week.
The ultimate sneaky flask whiskey is Campbell and Cooper. Uber cheap and uber delicious. Thanks for turning me on to it helpful gentleman from the Cap Hill liquor store.
Nov 11, 2010 themayor206 commented on I Love Television.
It appears the only job you have Eric, is reading The Stranger online and bitching about every article you read. I'm not sure if that counts as a "real job."
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