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Aug 30, 2010 jbertrand joined My Stranger Face
Aug 30, 2010 jbertrand commented on WSDOT Launches Traffic App.
Hi all, it's Jeremy from WSDOT. Thanks for the shout out Dominic, appreciate it. I was very excited about it when we tweeted it this morning. A few early adopters who were already using the Seattle Freeways app certainly reflected a bit of disappointment, that is a fantastic app and is difficult to compete with. However our app has ferry schedules, wait times, alerts and covers the entire state (and is free). We are open to any feedback that would help improve the iPhone or Android apps and want to make it them great tool for anyone who wants the latest in traffic and ferry information, that's why we open-sourced the code today at: http://github.com/wsdot. We hope other developers can take a look at it and suggest improvements. @judith, be nice, the app was done entirely in house by state workers, no consultants used.