Oct 28, 2014 Pate commented on America Is Fighting a Class War, and Hillary Clinton Needs to Recognize That Fact.
Clinton represents the 1%, let's just ne clear about this. No prominent National politician represents the average American. Same for Obama.
Aug 13, 2014 Pate commented on Savage Love.
@23 We have a DADT agreement for the time being. The moping and worrying has been going on in my head. Towards her I've backed off as she clearly wants space, but haven't been whiny or demanding or anything like that. Leading my own life is the most important thing that I can do, regardless of what happens.

@29 Compiling the responses for myself has been a big help, and I'm feeling calmer. Thanks fellow Sloggers!
Aug 13, 2014 Pate commented on Savage Love.
And her kiddo was really nice, and I told her this. Eventually being a step-parent to her daughter is not an issue for me. She knows this.
Aug 13, 2014 Pate commented on Savage Love.
@11 I would be moving to be closer to my family (parents, brother and his family) as well. I met her over the holidays when I was visiting my folks. I had been thinking about moving back before meeting her, so it's not just her. Previously she has expressed interest in me moving and encouraged my job-hunting.

We've been hanging out in person about once a month or so. On my last visit (met her for a few days and hung out with my brother's family for a few days) she introduced me to her daughter, but just as her "friend". Meeting her daughter was her idea.

I thought that we were on the same page based on our discussions, but it's really been since the last visit and the move becoming more concrete (I found a job!), that she's started to pull away and not wanting to talk about the future.

So not just a t(s)exting thing...
Aug 13, 2014 Pate commented on Savage Love.
Hey Sloggers I need your help/ insight. I think that I am in a similar situation as PUP (a dumped motherfucker who doesn't know that he's been dumped).

I've been long-distance dating a girl for about 6 months. Shortly, I will moving closer to be with her, but all of a sudden she has become distant, whereas before it was non-stop t(s)exting. She claims its because of the stress of starting a new job, and becoming a full-time single mom (her ex moved to another city and left her kid with her). But she isn't asking for any support or anything to deal with the changes in her life nor is she sharing real info claiming she "doesn't want to think about it". I would round this up to being dumped. What do you think?
May 9, 2014 Pate commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
And probably about 95% of cyclists do the same. Same momentum logic for both cars and bikes.

4-way stops at the end of every residential block is stupid. And in general roundabouts are much safer and more efficient than 4-way stops.
May 9, 2014 Pate commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
There is a side street close to my place that feeds into a larger street. There is a STOP sign for cars coming from the side street onto the larger street. If there are no cars on the larger street 90% of drivers roll through the STOP sign. Just sayin'
Apr 23, 2014 Pate commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Wedding Party.
Very good point brought up by @57 and others, there are some serious red flags and perhaps the wedding was an intervention, though it would be a strange setting for an intervention.

Nonetheless if it was the husband who came home to scream, stomp his feet and throw tantrums eveyone would see it for the abusing and intimidating behavior that it is. Throw in a punch and the husband would be a clear abuser . I'm glad to see that the wife (LW) has been identified as such. The husband needs to get to a safe place, which the month long "moving help" seems to be.

The only question is whether the wife is a conscious abuser or just very fucked up.
Apr 10, 2014 Pate commented on The Gates Foundation Tries to Defend Its Investment in Private Prisons.
Private prisons are untenable as a concept due to the negative impacts on legal rights caused by the profit motive. Keeping people in prison should never be a source of profit for organizations, especially ones that then turn around and use their profits to lobby for legislation to keep even more people in prison. Anyone who doesn't see this is wilfully ignorant. Gates should divest.
Apr 8, 2014 Pate commented on Obamacare Is Working.
@5 I'd sign up for Bonercare any day