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Jun 24, 2015 SimplyNotClever commented on Of Nostalgic Idiots and Jurassic World.
"Bad news first: Jurassic World isn't going to fill you with the awe that Jurassic Park did 20 years ago. Now the good news: Sure, it's no JP Classic Original, but Jurassic World is still loud and bloody and pretty fucking badass."

This is almost exactly what I said to a co-worker who asked me if her should take his kids (pre-teen girl and awkward new-teen boy) to see this! Spot on... it's not "good", but it sure as hell is FUN. It helps that I went in with a very health dose of skepticism, but I came out with a shrug-and-a-smile, which is way more than I expected!
Apr 7, 2015 SimplyNotClever commented on Restaurant Servers Say Eliminating Tips May Hurt Wait Service.
This is the way it is supposed to work. For decades now, we as a society have taken on the responsibility of subsidizing the true labor costs of a restaurant's ability to provide excellent service (through our tips). These servers don't "deserve" to make less money, but the recent changes have started some interesting conversations. Customers are saying that they expect the employers to actually take responsibility for valuing their staff (both front- and back-of-house) appropriately, incorporate those costs into their prices, and then let the consumer decide if they are willing to pay for it. This is really the only way to ensure those collecting the profits are doing so off of the actual inherent value of the good/services they are providing, and not off the backs of the artificially cheap labor being discreetly (and often time inequitably) subsidizes via tipping culture. Honestly, if the best servers start to leave and service levels fall, then those restaurants will lose business. The owners will be forced to rethink their wage structures to keep the best servers on board. Sure, the cost to the consumer will rise, but I think Seattle has shown an incredible resilience to price increases in their restaurants (because we truly value our restaurant scene/community/culture) and if they rise too far (i.e. if owners get too greedy), then the owner's will be forced to accept slightly lower profit margins. As long as their is profit to be made, though, then their will be people willing to take the risk to go after it. It might be a bumpy ride for a bit, but it will eventually settle out at a new normal. Except, it will be a normal where employees are fairly compensated for their actual value directly by their employers and consumers are paying the true costs for the service/meals that they are receiving. This isn't Armageddon, this how you allow market forces to work in a way that maintains an equitable balance of "power" between capitol and labor.
Mar 11, 2015 SimplyNotClever commented on Protesters Forced Seattle's Arctic Drilling Deal Onto the Port Commission Agenda Yesterday.
The answer to the commissioners' dissembling about potential costs for breach of contract and lawsuits is simple... Then you shouldn't have intentionally circumvented public disclosure rules to make a deal that you knew would be politically unpopular, but you did... so now you have to be the group of commissioners who go into your next campaigns (whether for reelection or higher office) with the stain of having made a decision that ended up costing millions in public funds, all for the sake of appeasing a deep pocket corporation. That SHOULD be their political legacy because of how they chose to execute the office they were elected to.
Feb 3, 2015 SimplyNotClever commented on Seattle Seahawks Lose the Super Bowl. WHY? WHY WHY WHY?.
I'm pro-Spike's slogging efforts. I think this season has shown that Seattle can be a sports town without becoming... I dunno... Pittsburgh, or Baltimore, or Kansas City. We can be a city that enjoys our sports franchises without reducing our selves down to just our sports franchises. That is what Spike has done, as the only sports writer for the only newspaper in the city. I can't wait for Sounders coverage and maybe, this year, I might actually pay some attention to the Mariners (baseball is just sooooo boring). Anyway, thanks Spike. You can add one more to your SPOG fanclub.
Nov 11, 2014 SimplyNotClever commented on Metro Bus Drivers Must Always Remember to Open the Back Door.
Seattle needs to learn how to ride the bus appropriately! 90% of these issues are on the passengers, not the drivers. If people would SIT THE F**K down when a seat is open instead of standing at the back door for the entire ride, AND if people would pull the cord signaling that they intend to get disembark at the next stop, instead of assuming that the drive will just automatically open the back door at every single stop, then the drive would know that 1) some is definitely planning on exiting, and 2) it is probably the person who is clearly waiting at the back door. I'm not saying that there aren't awful drivers, or just simply forgetful drivers... but if passengers behaved in a sensible manner that communicated their intentions, then a lot of these issues could easily be avoided. Sit if there is a seat, move as far back as possible if there isn't, and look up from your phone every time the bus stops to make sure you are not impeding the path of egress. It is not that freaking difficult to be a decent human being!
Nov 4, 2014 SimplyNotClever commented on The Seattle Seahawks Are a Quantum Football Team.
The key to the dismal O-line play is the Max Unger injury. He does way more then snap the ball to Wilson. Max Unger makes the entire line better. He directs blocking schemes and can dissect defensive formations as well as any QB in the league. He made every fill-in back-up that was slotted into our patchwork line last year better because he could give signals at the line and make sure everyone knew exactly what they needed to do before the ball was snapped. Getting him back will be huge. Plus getting an adequate corner to start opposite Sherman (hopefully Lane this week) and depth in the nickle (BAM-BAM Kam Chancellor!!!), and you are tipping the scales back towards the "insufferable". I am still very concerned about the awful special teams play and the frustrating frequency of yellow flags being thrown against us, but if we get back to dominating the two primary phases of the game, then I don't fear any team left on the schedule.
Sep 10, 2014 SimplyNotClever commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
You have my full support to try and quash this BS argument, because even though I am a cis-straight happilly married male... I can't help but take offense to these attacks as I was raised by a single mother. F*** your "natural" family... I would have gladly welcomed a second parent in my life growing up, no matter their orientation/genitalia... but I didn't NEED one, because my mom rocked that gig ON HER OWN!
Jul 8, 2014 SimplyNotClever commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
I was never a fan of Scher as an interviewer. He always seemed way to self-congratulatory for asking "clever" questions and not interested enough in the actual answers he got. He tended to either non sequitur into a personal anecdote or jump straight into his next pre-planned question, and would often derail an interview that may have otherwise gone in an interesting direction. Plus... if reading SLOG comments has taught me anything (I know, I know, I'm a bit of a masochist) it's that the type of people who think they have a contribution to make, usually don't... so good riddance to the call-in nonsense.

That said, I WOULD appreciate more of a commitment to locally produced content on KUOW. I admit that I am one of those who really enjoy (and tune in primarily for) the nationally syndicated NPR programming... but that does not, and should not be assumed to, mean that listeners like me aren't interested in quality local news/culture/entertainment programming. In an environment as rich and dynamic and diverse as Seattle, it does pain me a little to hear how everything on KUOW seems to be produced elsewhere.

Also... I am f-ing sick of all of the commercials! Yes... I agree that all of the "this segment brought to you by Blah Blah Blah corporation" ARE FREAKING COMMERCIALS. The level of exposure and brand goodwill that being mentioned on NPR should wield, should not come cheap! If they (NPR nationally or KUOW locally) are not requiring a king's ransom for those sponsorship deals, then they are failing all of us!
Jul 3, 2014 SimplyNotClever commented on Mornings News: Good News On the Economy, Bad News On Everything Else.
Never mind... I'm an idiot. The picture is Martha Plimpton and the caption is crediting the photographer. Forgive me... I'm new at internet.
Jul 3, 2014 SimplyNotClever commented on Mornings News: Good News On the Economy, Bad News On Everything Else.
Anyone know why there is a picture of HELGA ESTEB on the main paige linking to this post? I mean... I don't have a problem with the actress, per se, but I just spent the better part of my morning clicking through and reading all of the links looking for any reference to.... OOOOOooooooh.