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Oct 31, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on With You In Spirit and In Mucking Out, New York.
Perhaps Dan's kitchen catastrophe is God's punishment of his "gay lifestyle." Or alternatively, maybe Dan's tedious clean-up job is more evidence of the mundane nature "the gay lifestyle."

Oct 12, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on When It's Your Own Family That Needs Convincing.
Dan Savage had a good analogy to use for talking with people like my conservative Christian family members who might still be convinced to vote for marriage equality. Most churches consider divorce to be a sin. (In fact, Jesus condemns divorce, although he is not recorded to have said anything about homosexuality.) As regrettable and "sinful" as these conservatives might consider divorce to be, they would agree that divorce should be a legal option, a right. And so with marriage equality.
Oct 7, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on NOM Urges You to "Vote Catholic".
Recent polls show that close to 60% of U.S. non-Hispanic Catholics support marriage equality. I do believe I will "vote Catholic."
Oct 6, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on Savage Love Episode 309.
I really appreciated Dan's measured answer the otherwise gay-friendly but opposed to marriage equality Christian guy. I needed an argument in language like that (paralleling the "sinfulness" of proposed gay marriage with the "sinfulness" of legal divorce) to use in the more conservative parts of my otherwise liberal social circles. Now I have a ready response at my disposal. Thanks!
Aug 16, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on SL Letter of the Day: Even Less Kinky Than Plain Vanilla.
Don't make things more complicated here than they probably are. @9 has a point here, and the simpker explanation might be right in this case.
Jul 11, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on Romney Booed at NAACP Convention.
@21, you're right on all counts. And the NAACP audience walked right into the trap. And @16, I think the best approach is to listen, in stony silence, through Romney's speech--I speak before large groups for a living, and believe me, this treatment is worse than booing. When they're booing at least you know they're listening and engaged. Romney ends his speech to continued awkward silence (no applause for the Invited Guest; silence speaks volumes in this case)--no way does this make for good, politically-useful video for Romney. The organization's announcer re-takes the podium and then refutes every point that the Invited Guest just made to audience applause. That's the classy way to do things.
Jul 11, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on Romney Booed at NAACP Convention.
Have to admit that I agree with #3 and #4. I don't like Romney's policy proposals any more than the boo-ers at the NAACP convention, but it's both bad politics and bad manners to interrupt an invited speaker this way.
Jul 10, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on Hey, We Got Ellen and JCPenney and Oreo Cookies....
What's great about this country is our 30% obesity rate, what with cheap Denny's meat and potatoes sandwiches and all. If I may quote the Simpsons' season 6, episode 9 chant against Homer: "Great meaning large or immense, we use it in the pejorative sense!"
Jul 6, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on SL Letter of the Day: Whips & Chains & Prudie.
I actually find Prudence to be a fairly open-minded advice columnist for a mainstream writer and audience. (See her advice to a regular cannabis user.) I usually read her columns (missed this one, tho), and I agree with her advice in this case.
Jun 28, 2012 Sally Hemings' daughter commented on SL Letter of the Day: Ovary Up!.
Cute girl who works at the bakery always gives me eye contact and a big smile when she helps me, and I give it right back. I always made sure to come in when it was her shift. Plus she hangs out at another activity that I frequent, so we actually have something to talk about. I'd been working up the nerve to ask her out, but last time I was in, she told me she's moving in a few days. If only....

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