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Dec 15, 2012 GreenmanTN commented on Mike Huckabee Says the Shooting Happened Because "we've systematically removed God from our schools".
Huckabee's words are awful, but not as bad as the right-wing American 'Family' Association's Bryan Fischer, who said the same thing but even more explicitly. Fischer said those people died because God is "gentleman" who "doesn't go where he's not welcome" and that's why He didn't save those children or teachers. (I'm surprised he didn't throw in some blame for gays while he was at it- he usually does. Hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. 'the gays did it.')

The bodies of the children and teachers who died yesterday weren't even cold before Fischer and Huckabee started trying to exploit this for their right-wing religious/political agenda. Despicable! And that's true even if you ARE a believer because both seem to imply that none of the victims were religious when that isn't true, but the omnipotent all-knowing creator of the universe who COULD have saved them didn't because there isn't sufficient praying to Him at that school. Who *would* pray to that sort of petty, narcissistic deity?!
Dec 25, 2011 GreenmanTN commented on Which Potential First Lady Is the Most Terrifying?.
Sorry. NO contest. (Well, no contest if Marcus Bachmann isn't running.) Calista "Bird of Prey" Gingrich isn't just the most terrifying potential first lady, she's my first choice to play "Lady who rips own face off to expose fearsome alien features under mask, right before she devours souls" in whatever SyFy Channel movie next requires that. It's not just the avian features, it's that carefully modulated voice straight out of the Stepford School For Very Proper Girls Who Nonetheless Bang Men Behind Their Wive's Backs Anyway.
Sep 2, 2010 GreenmanTN joined My Stranger Face
Sep 2, 2010 GreenmanTN commented on Here's How The GOP Picks Up Gay Voters.
Who would even believe a Republican promise to "do no harm"?! Only an idiot, that's who. I can't help but be reminded of the fable about the scorpion and the frog. When the frog asks why the scorpion stung him, dooming them both, the scorpion replies "It's my nature." There isn't a single thing to keep Religious Right nutjobs (too many to name, but Michelle Bachmann for instance) from proposing anti-gay legislation and GOP elected officials know if they don't support it their conservative and Religious Right voters will replace them with someone who will.

This sudden insidious message appearing everywhere that the Republicans aren't really THAT bad when it comes to gays is very disconcerting. I hope it's a tactic to get the Dems off their asses out of fear of losing the gays because otherwise it makes no sense. What is it even based on? The coming out of Ken Mehlman, who is still donating money to anti-gay pols? The outing of Roy Ashburn? The "stunning" revelation that Laura Bush didn't want GW to go along with Rove's and Mehlman's plans to demonize gays for political advantage? Just as soon as Laura Bush starts setting policy for the GOP maybe I'll take another look at their platform, but until then I'll assume they're still the soulless cretins they always have been.

I don't like paying taxes but I also don't want to live in Bangladesh, stepping over the bodies of diseased beggars while a very small number of people live like robber barons. There's self-interest and then there's suicidal blindness coupled with the assumption that your gated community will keep you safe or, for that matter, that you'll always be one of the few kept safe behind those walls.