Feb 15, 2013 morgen commented on WHO IS THIS? Party Edition .
uh... Champagne Champagne
Aug 15, 2012 morgen commented on Greetings from Doe Bay: Photos from the 2012 Festival.
Great shots josh glad you had a great time. i will say that every time i've gone (three times now) to DB fest it's completely different. You think you know what's going to happen and then you're always (pleasantly and somewhat surprisingly) wrong.
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Sep 2, 2010 morgen joined My Stranger Face
Sep 2, 2010 morgen commented on What the Hell Happened to Weezer? The Matt Sharp Theory.
Weezer and the Toadies were two bands that were my little secret for a long time since they were no-names in Kentucky and Ohio where I grew up and went to school. When Weezer broke up, I was heartbroken. Pinkerton was weird, quirky, and unmistakeably awesome and the world just didn't know it (was i the Midwest version of a hipster? perhaps... but i really hope not). Then word spread that they would be reuniting and i practically jumped with joy... until I heard the green album. Then i wanted to go crawl in a hole and listen to some Cure. I read about what was going on and even ventured to read Cuomo's biography... and I think I nailed the problem. Cuomo's massive ego had grown so large that his head had exploded and a little pop-song monkey jumped out to take his place in the band. Let's just say, I'm pleased as punch that they'll be re-touring the Pinkerton album. Though, I have to wonder why he loves this album again (if he does indeed love it)... or is he just kowtowing to the pop gods and bringing it back into the limelight as cool because it's "retro" Weezer. All I have to say is: Don't f*** this up for the fans Rivers.