Jul 5, 2012 KSea commented on Ask a Whippersnapper (and a Congressman)!.
You are a high-ranking Democrat on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. Are there tax loopholes that you and some of the Republicans could agree on a bi-partisan basis to eliminate as part of deficit reduction and overall tax reform? Or are members of that committee too beholden to the special interests behind each tax-expenditure in the tax code?
Jun 1, 2012 KSea commented on Denied Later Bar Hours—But the City May Petition the State Again.
If there is such a "pushout" problem with a fixed 2 am "Last Call" it could more reasonably be addressed by making midnight the normal Last Call time. Only bars with good reports from neighbors and the police could serve liquor later: most good actors could serve until 1 am, and only bars with the best record could stay open until 2 am.

The only thing "Orwellian" about this blatant attempt to make more money selling booze is trying to pretend that your goal is improving public safety. You wasted your campaign contributions.
Apr 10, 2012 KSea commented on Towards an Apologia for Jimmy Buffett.
JB represented pure escapism when I was working in an officeand day-dreaming about my next vacation to San Somewhere. His lyrics come out of the great 20th century southern writers -- great, but flawed characters struggling to get by while they enjoy life.

His concerts were pure fun as the faithful were transported to the sunny Caribbean. Not too particular and not too precise.

My Best of Buffett nominations include: A Pirate Looks At Forty; Boat Drinks; Manana; Changes in Latitude/Changes in Attitude; Son of a Son of a Sailor Man; He WCome Monday
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Mar 18, 2011 KSea commented on The Health Effects of Radioactive Isotopes from Fukushima.

Thank you for your readable, yet detailed explanations.

One question I have not seen addressed is where all the water being used to douse the reactors and spent fuel rods is going? Much of it evaporates, but is some of the contaminated water running off into the ocean or local drainage systems? Is this another pathway for the radiation into the environment? How significant would that be to public health and the food chain?
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Sep 4, 2010 KSea commented on City Hall Organizes Against Shooting Death at Hands of SPD.

Maybe "Committee of American Native Officeholders and Employees of Seattle" would be a better name if they want to use that acronym.