Nov 21, 2012 jsr1138 commented on On Audiobooks vs Regular-Type Books.
I used to listen to them a lot when I was walking to work -- I had about a 25-30 minute walk to the office, so I could listen to a couple of podcasts or a chapter or two every day. Commute changed, though, and I have trouble doing this on the bus. :-/ My gf and I sometimes put on an episode of This American Life while making dinner, and that's nice. Wonder if you could try that with an audiobook?
Nov 13, 2012 jsr1138 commented on Atlas Shrugged Fan Fantasizes About an Election-Day McDonald's Showdown with the Takers.
Absolutely hilarious. I just wish Paul had mentioned that the scene includes a SLOW CLAP! That was the best part, for me.
Oct 10, 2012 jsr1138 commented on Barbecue with Valet Parking.
Just went there for the first time today to get lunch. I thought the food was pretty tasty. Not great, but good. The smoked chicken sandwich was fairly good, and they got bonus points for serving slaw on the sandwich, but the meat could have been sauced a bit more before assembling. And hey, house-made kettle chips: dang good! The shrimp and grits was very good. I think the Stranger reviewer is a little harsh about the space -- it is a lot like many new Ballard-y places, but I like that restaurants and bars are trying to restore old spaces in this area while keeping some of the original character of those spaces. It's not a divey hole-in-the-wall place, sure, but I think it's pretty nice.

My biggest issues with Kickin' Boot are the same I have with most Seattle barbecue places:

- You can't get *good* barbecue that is also pretty cheap, like you can in much of the south (e.g. a lunch plate for $6-7 or so)

- Very few people just make a single style of barbecue and really go with it, and instead are trying to cover all the bases. Let's just prepare 4 or 5 different kinds of meat and then put 4-5 different sauces on the table for people to make their own style! Eh, doesn't work super well. In most places in the South, you may only have a couple kinds of meat to choose from, and *maybe* a couple of sauces, like regular and spicy. And they kick ass at making that style of barbecue. Here, you get more options, but they tend to be not quite as good.

All of that said: I thought the food was pretty good, and I'm looking forward to trying more dishes. Here's hoping they sort out whatever issues led to the mediocre results the Stranger reviewer saw.
Jun 6, 2012 jsr1138 commented on The Food of Rural Americans.
@2, and @16: HA, awesome. And @16, for a Marxist, he seems to have a painful lack of understanding about urban/rural divides on wealth and resources.
@10: Agreed, mostly. I noticed that when I visit family in the midwest, too, that they're surrounded by beautiful farmland and apparently sell all those great veggies off to other people. But that is *not* what Chas was arguing here, not really.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that virtually every Charles Slog post fits into that New Yorker cartoon recaption theory from the Internets -- that most of them could just captioned "Christ, what an asshole!"
Mar 28, 2012 jsr1138 commented on Mitt Romney Mania Sweeps a Half-Dozen or So People.
Good lord, those comments at the last link that Paul posted... those are just flippin' *awful*! Here's one of them:

I don't want to pay taxes for these lazy people in the Southeast sitting around waiting for a social security check! Or for their "community" services -- we all know that this is code for welfare for one specific ethnicity! Or for Obamacare, so that suddenly "entitled" "underprivileged" people are crowding my doctor's office lengthening my wait time!

Mitt knows how to turn things around, and he knows how to make the uneducated masses pay for it without noticing. We can sell them the abolishing of the EPA as "freedom" and get rid of controls for air and water that cost us billions each year, and sell cutting taxes for us and our firms as a general tax cut that "creates jobs". We need a man like Mitt to do this, we would not be able to achieve this on our own after all that happened in 2008/9. The public is not trusting us business people anymore.
Feb 22, 2012 jsr1138 commented on "Can Santorum Win in November?".
How about a Huckabee *sized* hole in the electorate, amirite?! DOH, LogopolisMike beat me to it.
Feb 16, 2012 jsr1138 commented on Sarah Palin Is Perfectly Willing to Be the Republican Candidate, If You Need Her.
Just to clarify, a 'brokered' convention is not what we might see -- it would be a 'deadlocked' (or maybe 'contested') convention:

Buuuuut... that's probably not going to happen.

But man, Sarah Palin and the Teabaggers launching a full-scale rebellion at the convention? That would be awesome.
Jan 27, 2012 jsr1138 commented on The Dream of the '90s Is Alive in Comics.
Uh, I realize this sort of makes JensR's point, in a way, because this comic blog post talks about how Rob Leifeld apparently thinks water is opaque... But still, have you *seen* his art?! It is just. AWFUL.…
Jan 23, 2012 jsr1138 commented on You Gotta Love Barney Frank.
Barney was awesome in that interview. And can I just add: UGH, the Q&A feature in the NYT magazine is just terrible. They ask the dumbest questions, and the whole thing just seems pointless. A while back, they switched this assignment to a new reporter, but it's *still* awful.
Jun 28, 2011 jsr1138 commented on Let's Rename That One Stadium!.
Gotta be Seahawks Stadium. For the Sounders games, I'm fine with using the video-game-themed field name: XBOX Pitch at Seahawks Stadium. I mean, we have XBOX Live on the jerseys, so it's no biggie including that in the field name...

Or maybe we could call it the Don James Pitch at Seahawks Stadium, just to annoy Mr. James. Didn't he oppose soccer being played at Husky Stadium during the World Cup being held in the US?