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I wish right now that I was a cat burgler

misssmartypants is eating really yummy blackberry jam.
Nov 1, 2016 misssmartypants commented on King County Sheriff's Office Says Renee Davis Pointed an Unloaded Gun at Officers Before They Shot Her.
Im wondering if it wasnt her pointing the gun but handing the gun over, showing it, unfortunately, nozzle first. I bet too, they handcuffed her after the shooting, letting her bleed out.
They are piping up about "crisis intervention" for the cop, but what about those kids?
And the boyfriend...did they fight and he was leaving her, pregnant, alone, and her despair overwhelmed her to be dramatic, hoping he would come back?
Another thing, foster children go through abandonment situations , different numerous homes, foster parents, schools, caseworkers, friends, separated from siblings but for an hour visit once a month, their world in a garbage bag through each transfer. Why are they not given intensive counseling, ageing out with no support from the very State that took them?
Aug 6, 2016 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
Maybe, like my daughter, (savagely bit on the face by a cute little dog), or my sister,( hunted down and chewed on her back before dad shot the fucking mauler) the jogger lady was freaked out by dogs. Any dog.
Aug 6, 2016 misssmartypants commented on At Least 10 People Say They’ve Been Drugged at Seattle Bars This Summer.
Where the fuck were their friends to let them leave alone or with a stranger in that condition?
Honestly. If your pal is all of a sudden so fucked up that they arent just drunk, but damn near goo, you get them to safety. Uber to a fucking hospital.
Even just drunk, dont let them walk out alone. There are creeps of both genders who take advantage of that.
Jesus Christ.
Jul 7, 2016 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
Ahh. I miss my sweetest friend, and its heartbreaking to know we will never call or see each other again, or have our "we can start our own manufacturing business and rule the world" dream talk.
So I pretend hes still here, just on vacation.
And wishing him Happy Birthday extends the disbelief of an incredible loss.
Jun 11, 2016 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
Theres room for all types of compassion, the poor, the hungry, the homeless, and a mother duck and her duckling, smeared over the road.
May 13, 2016 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
I wonder what you do when a school bus blurps by..
Traffic on a hot day in Seattle...
Or your flight seatmate has pet dander...
Im sure you suck on that inhaler like its a gold plated dick.
Its called life...get over yourself.

Apr 30, 2016 misssmartypants commented on Bauhaus Ballard’s Reopening is an Unwelcome Surprise for Former Baristas and Employees.
Sounds just like a person who hides assets from former spouse, courts, and puts it the current squeezes name.
Shady as all get out.
But this is his life. Unfortunately, his actions and/or inactions, not properly listening to sound advice, mismanagement, has harmed his reputation and the people who loved working for that business.
Apr 7, 2016 misssmartypants commented on Prisoner Rights Advocates Ask Seattle to Block Youth Detention Center Permit Over Toxic Contamination Concerns.
Im not understanding this. From what I gather, everything possible and then some, is being done to be environmentally safe.
Are there certain people who dont want that facility there, creating the ruckus? NIMBY?
Are there background players pushing for doubt, in order to either buy that land as soon as its abandoned for the project, at cost, or has land for sale and wishes to profit if this goes sour?
Mar 4, 2016 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
I admire the hope you have, anonymous, that the person who put a painful hold on your life,will come forward.
I am afraid this will not occur. There are people whose moral compass is limited, and this was shown by him/her leaving the scene of your sneak peak at jesus.
I wish you well, that you dont lose your home, your job, your pet(s), although this is a strong possibility.
Even this will not have a person come forward. Hopefully, this person will talk, and it will get around.

Jan 30, 2016 misssmartypants commented on Despite Increased Police Presence, Neighborhood Group Complains the City Still Isn't Doing Enough About RV Campers.
Im on the brink of being one of those "people" everyone despises, due to landlord selling the home Ive rented for 11 years, recent unemployment, a teen and two dogs Ive had for years. Whos going to rent to me with a teen, two dogs and on unemployment? No one, I just found out.
So. There you go. It seems that most homeless people are just having a run of bad luck and its difficult to get out of. No fixed address. No phone. No way of keeping clean. Gas money and money for car repair for work is slim to none. And if anyone has stayed in a shelter, its rather dangerous. As weird as it is, its almost safer in a RV with your kid and pets.