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misssmartypants is eating really yummy blackberry jam.
Aug 30, 2013 misssmartypants commented on Sources Say.
Weird...about the Puyallup city attorneys comment stating the videos in question were "cherry picked" from an array of records requested. The Puyallup city attorney should be wondering why there are ANY questionable videos of that nature.
Aug 30, 2013 misssmartypants commented on Savage Love.
Ahh. Here I am! DIRT... hang in there. You are probably a lovely person, and someone, somehow, will open their eyes and heart and find you. Good luck!
Aug 24, 2013 misssmartypants commented on Sound Check.
That Doyle! Holy Jesus. At the Golden Gods Awards, Danzig was on, and lo and behold comes this dazzling creature, Mr. Frankenstein himself. My mouth went dry, and I had to pick up my eyeballs. I love me some Danzig, but Doyle replaced him in my larcenous heart. *sigh*
Aug 24, 2013 misssmartypants commented on Why Are Pigeons’ Feet So Fucked Up?.
In Las Vegas, this past Febuary, I came upon a pigeon with one leg. I took photos of this feathered pirate, and fed him French fries. He had a technique of holding off the others by doing this weird thing with his wings. They were outstretched and he did a little circular dance.Until I was yipped at by the Fremont Street Cleanup clowns for feeding the "vermin" I enjoyed watching this scrappy guy.
Jun 12, 2013 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
Be happy you didn't. You can have nice things, go on fancy trips. drive a sassy car, and keep your titty balls perky.
Apr 11, 2013 misssmartypants commented on Attacked By an Owl!.
Oh man. We have Barred and Barn owls. The Barn owls conversations are quite hair raising. Blood curdling screams. And the Barred owl? All night with that haunting hoo-hoooo. I watched that guy try to catch, I swear to god, the last douglas squirrel in MLT.( Those little guys are bad ass, and look like chipmunks on steroids). The Barred owl tried to swoop for my puppy long ago. But then, so did that Douglas squirrel. Sorry about your noggin. Glad you didn't shit your britches. But I don't believe that would've stopped you in your quest for bacon.
Apr 4, 2013 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
Ahh @27...That was lovely. Seriously.
Apr 4, 2013 misssmartypants commented on They Didn't Want to Call the Cops.
So, the guy that was accused of rape and sexual misconduct got away with his crimes.And the one person who stood up for herself was evicted from a homeless community for not doing a "watch"? Wow,a predator was just let loose on more vunerable women, and rhe accusers were not given the help they needed. Great work SPD and Nickelsville!
Nov 2, 2012 misssmartypants commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh fuckarooni. I feel for anonymous. I worked in a place in Everett that was saturated with jesus message. I took pics cause it was mind boggling, and I needed proof . No one believed me otherwise. Prayer all the time, biblical messages in the lunchroom, bathroom, hallways, work area. Pamphlets on how you pray could cure aids, diabetes, hep a b c, blindness, deafness Ect..and if you weren't cured, you didn't pray correctly, long enough, blah blah blah. I got out of there. The pay wasn't worth it. What was crazy, is that I've never met such back stabbing ruthless Jesus loving bastards like them in my life, and it scared the shit outta me.
Jan 13, 2012 misssmartypants commented on Benefit Barriers.
@12- I really hope that someone is as kind and tolerant as you are to others, if and when you need help.

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