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Aug 28, 2015 go bulldogs commented on I Can't Deal With "Downtown" Either, but Can We Talk About Macklemore with a Bit of Nuance?.
a whole lotta joy & icons pumped into 4 minutes.... damn fun.

also love that they took the circus & hoopla to film in mighty spoke-a-looza (hometown of Ryan Lewis)

Jul 13, 2015 go bulldogs commented on Heat Waves, Open Windows, and an Increase in Burglaries.
where the heck do you think the kids get the 100 pounds of sh#t they abandon at Cal Anderson & Pike/Pine every morning? keep those windows closed, folks.
Jun 1, 2015 go bulldogs commented on Drama! Pamela Banks Slams Kshama Sawant for Fundraising in New York Over the Weekend.
GOOD GRAVY.. the fundraiser cost $15 a person and the subject was progressive organizing. I live in Kshama's district and am neither a donor or volunteer for her... but I am paying attention... slamming her for working with national progressives is not a damning rap this CapHill mama will buy. OY.
Nov 17, 2014 go bulldogs commented on The Renovated Cinerama Deserves the Hype.
will there still be chocolate popcorn?
Oct 23, 2014 go bulldogs commented on Garfield Students Walk Out Over School District Threat to Cut Teacher.
Classic SPS LOGIC ... happy to leave 150 students with a hole in their schedule for the rest of the semester but threaten the staff with dereliction of duty charges when there is a school wide walkout. TONE DEAF.
Oct 21, 2014 go bulldogs commented on Well, That Didn't Take Long: Mark Driscoll's Comeback Tour Began Last Night.
THANK YOU, Stranger for staying on the story. TRULY.

guessing Driscoll is going to pop up in places without much alternative press... so it continues to be up to you.
Sep 22, 2014 go bulldogs commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
sheeeeeeet....I WILL MISS YOU... and look forward to hearing about your new adventures. THANK YOU FOR THE WORK and FOR YOUR VOICE.
Sep 22, 2014 go bulldogs commented on Seahawks Win Super Bowl Again, This Time In Dramatic Fashion.
Jun 15, 2014 go bulldogs commented on Lindy West, "Lindy East," and the Local Comedian Who Brought a Knife and Gun to an Open Mic Night.
"SILLY GIRLS! relax.....NOBODY would ever hurt a girl for just standing up for herself!"


WHEN are you men going to shut up & listen?... YOUR MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, LOVERS, FRIENDS live in constant state of ALERT for follow through of threats and intimidation.

STATISTICS AND DATA, sadly, prove that our fears are well founded.

The public printing of this HE SAID-SHE SAID flame war looks pretty damn familiar in tone and technique.... a great segment of the female population experiences this kind of "joking" or "conversation" with men who do not like the way we are "acting" ... TRULY
May 23, 2014 go bulldogs commented on Seattle Police Department Responds to Tonya Mosley's Stranger Article on the "No Snitching" Excuse.
the plural of anecdote is not data... BUT now we have the facts to back it up... SPD keeps hearing these tales of officer shoulder shrugging from citizens and we see the statistics are bearing this out.

Hoping the new chief can help the healing between force & community AND light a fire under the force with support of strong leadership.