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Dec 20, 2012 evolve_or_die commented on A Guide to Massacre Prevention.
Mental health needs to be addressed, full stop. I'm all for mandatory institutionalization for adults with difficult-to-treat mental illnesses, particularly if they are a danger to themselves or others. On the other hand, I am not sure how you would ensure that "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" abuses don't occur. These places would have to be strictly regulated and where's the money going to come from for that? Secondly, I agree that while you're never going to pry guns "out of [gunowners'] cold, dead hands" (thanks, Mr. Heston!), we can CERTAINLY close stupid loopholes, make national regulations on guns and we can DEFINITELY ban assault rifles. I'm also on board with making parents with guns responsible if their children use their guns to kill people. Mrs. Lanza apparently taught her son how to shoot guns even though she was also apparently afraid of him. Say what? I think there needs to be AT LEAST as much regulation on owning and possessing guns as there is on cars. Fun fact: Texas (where I reside) is 50th in mental health care AND we have a pervasive gun culture here. How we have not had a tragedy like this yet amazes me, but I'm sure my ultra-conservative friends and relatives will tell me it's because our citizenry is armed. Personally, I think we're a time-bomb waiting to happen. I can only pray it's not MY kids' school that gets shot up. For now, I weep every time I see the pictures of those beautiful babies who died. This whole situation makes my heart hurt. :(
Mar 2, 2011 evolve_or_die commented on I, Anonymous.
Dear Anonymous,

Thank God you are out of my sister's target dating demographic because if you--or any selfish, self-absorbed bitch like you--hurt her with your duplicitous fuckery, this straight sibling would stomp all over your ass. And I'm short and 7 months pregnant. Stop being an amoral asshole. If you're going to divorce, do it now. If not, stop being a dipshit and lie back down on the bed you made and try to be a decent wife and mother...if you can.
Oct 24, 2010 evolve_or_die commented on Texas High School Kicks Cheerleader Off Squad For Refusing To Cheer For Her Rapist.
I'm with Ciaochowbella (#74)...stop with the gratuitous Texas bashing, you ignorant, hypocritical motherfuckers. There's plenty wrong with Texas, but as 74, pointed out, we're not the only ones. Texas is a BIG FUCKING STATE with a very diverse population, so quit painting us all with the same brush.

I am not surprised that this cheerleader/rapist story happened in Silsbee. That's in a part of the state called "Deep East Texas" by the folks who live there...we're talking BACKWOODS, Deliverance-style shit. I know. I was forced by circumstances to live there for a while. It was a culture shock for ME and I grew up in Houston, for fuckssake. I taught in a high school in a town even smaller than Silsbee. Let me tell you something...those folks don't get out much. They're buried in the Piney Woods so deep, they're practically lost to civilization. Deep East Texas is the westernmost fringe of the deep South, with all that entails. I feel so sorry for this girl and will write to the superintendent.

I'm not denying that Texas has its issues, but the freeflowing Texas bashing needs to fucking stop. Like Washington State is perfect. Give me a fucking break.
Sep 10, 2010 evolve_or_die commented on Savage Love.
I have yet to see anyone mention M.F.K. Fisher's Sludge recipe, but it should fit the bill. I've Googled it, but can't find an exact recipe. However, it involves getting "cereal" (some type of grain), then cooking it--along with cheap, throwaway veggies and a few scraps of meat until it's a paste, then baking it. Sounds very similar to the aforementioned prison loaf.

As for veganism: humans evolved eating meat, pure and simple. The supposed benefits to the world by eating nothing but meat are offset by the facts of life, which include the following: 1) monocrop agriculture rapes the earth and kills thousands of animal lives per acre. It is also the basis for the vast majority of vegan diets. 2) Animal husbandry doesn't necessarily equate to factory farming which is--as vegans rightly point out--disgusting. In fact..animal husbandry, if done right, can actually benefit our environment. Look up Joel Palatin for a description of how this can be done. 3)Equating consuming animal products with any number of crimes--murder, rape, torture, etc--is a sign of unmitigated ignorance, folly, hubris, and species-est arrogance. We evolved as a species eating animal flesh. Period. We are apex predators: our eyes face forward, we stand upright, and we have speech...all of which help us hunt as social predatory primates must. Our stomachs produce hydrochloric acid, which breaks down meat (and is only found in the stomachs of carnivores and omnivores).

If you insist on being vegan, because it gives you some sort of spiritual sense of moral superiority or peace or just because you like it, great. But let's not pretend that veganism is either better for the environment or the ideal diet for humans.
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Sep 10, 2010 evolve_or_die commented on Savage Love.
Try M.F.K. Fisher's recipe for Sludge. Google it. It's pretty much what you're asking for and it's historical, to boot.

I don't make fun of vegans or care what they eat, but I know for sure they are doing permanent damage to their bodies. As for ruining the environment, monocrop agriculture (upon which the vast majority of vegans must rely to maintain an adequate caloric intake) is far more damaging to the environment and kills thousands of tiny creatures besides. Oh, but cows are more complex, right? Or something. Listen, cows have eyes on the sides of their heads because they are prey animals. Cows and their hooved kin know that they will be eaten by a predator. This is simple biology. Humans have eyes facing forward, stand upright and have stomachs which produce hydrochloric acid...which is used in digesting meat.

We evolved as a predatory primate species. We are, in fact, apex predators (at the tippy top of the food chain) along with lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

So, if it makes you feel better to eat your beans and veggies and take your B-12 supps, go for it. But please, let's not pretend it's a natural diet.