Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jul 18 ragold commented on Sound Transit's Link Celebrates Five Years of Being in Seattle's Only Future With News of Rising Ridership.
Her was tough to swallow for me. How did the deleted operating system tell you it was deleted? If the operating system is deleted how is the computer able to display anything?

Blade Runner still feels real.
May 12 ragold commented on HAHAHAHA! Who Convinced Us the Deep-Bore Tunnel Was Only Way to "Move Forward"?.
They all met and planned this in the Ivar's owner's living room.
May 1 ragold commented on What's A Seattle Small Business With 500 Employees?.
Here, look, the Census has some numbers:…

That's 1,096,838 employees of 500+employee firms out of 2,429,182 for the state of Washington in 2007. Or, 45%. Couldn't find data for Seattle, King County, or Seattle Metro area.
Jan 15 ragold commented on Good News for Portland.
It's a stately architectural oddity with a surface for a frantic imagination. It will be missed.
Sep 12, 2013 ragold commented on Kemper Freeman Jr. Scores Own Goal in Court Battle Against Light Rail on I-90 Bridge.
Is this the guy whose family wealth comes from war crimes?
Aug 28, 2013 ragold commented on Group Health Won't Include Abortion Coverage in Insurance Exchange, Says Planned Parenthood (Updated With Comments from Group Health).
what does "as if a covered benefit" mean? $15? $0?

And the last question needs to be asked again. It doesn't answer the question.
Jul 30, 2013 ragold commented on Women Had Better Sex Under Communism.
International Women's Day
Jul 12, 2013 ragold commented on The Numbers Behind the Publishing Industry's Gender Problem.
So the book reviewers are deserving of the criticism, or not?
Jun 5, 2013 ragold commented on The Media Is Missing Important Microhousing Issues.
@32. Best comment!
Jun 5, 2013 ragold commented on The Media Is Missing Important Microhousing Issues.
@15, More aPodments renting at $600/mo. won't drive up the rents of $900 studios. They will likely reduce them as less people compete for the $900 studios.

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