Aug 18, 2016 ragold commented on Thank You for Your Service: 10 Gawker Articles We Loved.
Don't forget Choire Sicha's swan song, a "decade" in review a year before Lehman Brothers bit it.…
Jun 28, 2016 ragold commented on What's the Deal with Cal Anderson Park's Giant Turf Rolls?.
The end of June is the perfect time to shut down a park in Seattle to replace turf that doesn't need replacing.
Jun 28, 2016 ragold commented on The Morning News: Washington's Becoming Less White, Women Share Their Abortion Stories, and a Billionaire Flips on "Park My Viaduct".
Supply or active listings, specifically, is low because demand is so high. Amazon and others are driving a lot oif migration. So we need to talk about demand-based solutions because that's where the significant affordability wins are... E.g., a progressive income tax.
Jun 8, 2016 ragold commented on The Most Highly Paid CEO in America Lives in Washington, a State with No Income Tax.
@10 and property taxes are regressive because rich people spend a smaller portion of their income on housing than the average person.
Jun 8, 2016 ragold commented on The Most Highly Paid CEO in America Lives in Washington, a State with No Income Tax.
@1, higher income taxes don't encourage millionaire migration. See studies in NJ, CA, and the Seattle Times' FYI guy article on this subject.
Jun 6, 2016 ragold commented on In Frantic Texts, Mayor Threatened to "Pull Police Off Enforcement" If Council Moved Forward with Jungle Plan.
Can Ansel or Heidi share how they got this PRR? What was the extent of the request? Are these private cell phones?
May 26, 2016 ragold commented on Morning News: Renton Wants More Mass Transit, Microsoft Has Lots of Cash, Vancouver B.C. is NW Capital of the Panama Papers.
The San Francisco rent study showed three variables determined rents, not two: # of jobs, wages, # of units. The wages and population variables are by far the most significant. A progressive income tax is the third option to control rent increases but everyone is missing it.
May 18, 2016 ragold commented on Developers in San Francisco May Not be Interested in Building Lots of Affordable Houses.
25% works because the cost comes out of the land, not from decelopers nor financers. But 25% is also about the limit you can get out of the land. See Ricardo and land economics. It's not heterodox, just forgotten by a couple generations of economists who grew up during a period of relatively low land value and probably some other underlying issues.