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Sep 26 tabathalphabet commented on Rae Sremmurd Is the Coolest Name of a Rap Crew Ever, and Their Single "No Type" Is Amazing.
is this partnered with american apparel or something? or did they both just pick their outfits from there without sponsorship?
Jun 12 tabathalphabet updated his or her bio.
Jun 12 tabathalphabet commented on A Very Important Slog Poll About Ethics and Arts Calendars.
It's tricky. We tend to curate our friends, in some capacity, and so it's hard not to promote them. We like them in the first place, and us lucky ones even like the things they make (and aren't staring at the wall while they play the pan flute). The people we choose to have around are an extension of our tastes.

That said, I generally think you should promote something because you like it and want to promote it, not because someone asked you to promote it, friend or not. I generally think that friendship is a separate realm from our professional lives. It's important to maintain boundaries between the two, to some extent. So we can recommend the work we appreciate and like, but recommending the work we like on the basis of being asked in the context of friendship-for-professional-advancement seems sticky. And to be honest, I think Francis is in poor taste here to reach out to you like that.
Feb 17 tabathalphabet commented on Neighbours Suspect May Have Been Trying to "Exterminate Homosexuals".
Heartbreaking. Musab was a friend of mine for a few years. He was a sweetheart, albeit a bit of a loose cannon, for lost the entirety of the time I knew him. He was the guy who would help me get a couch up my stairs, would share his croissants with me, would check on me when my cat was sick. He was always really moderate, really live-and-let-live. I'm a gay lady, although was never out with him, and when I chopped all my hair off a few years ago he always said it looked great. Whatever he became is something none of us who knew him recognize. He totally snapped last summer. Not sure what happened in his brain. Anyway, all the trolls constantly chiming in on these threads about how him being a "terrorist isn't surprising"... Fuck you. This case is complicated, humans are complicated. It's not that easy. I'd more quickly say this is a mental health case than a terrorism case, but fuck, I don't know. And I know I would very much like to validate the authenticity of this "source" though, before believing it point blank. Basically, people are complicated and this whole thing is super sad, in so many ways.
Dec 11, 2013 tabathalphabet commented on Indulge In a Little Drama with Friends and Family (The Band).
So. Excited. For. This. Show.
Dec 10, 2013 tabathalphabet commented on If You Named Your Baby Sophia, You Are So Unoriginal.
I was the only Ava for ever and ever. Now I hear other kids' parents scolding me in grocery stores all the time. Boo.
Nov 27, 2013 tabathalphabet commented on The Morning News: Now With Sports Stories!.
"Reverse drape tuck."

That is all.
Nov 21, 2013 tabathalphabet commented on Restaurant Offers Discount If You Shut Your Goddamned Phone Off.
What I would give for an Alamo Drafthouse in Seattle. And for some decent breakfast tacos.
Oct 30, 2013 tabathalphabet commented on Anybody Ever Been to Tucson?.
I wouldn't go to Nogales, though. Border towns are sadder and scarier than they are fun, and when I went last February I saw too many dead coyotes on the side of the road on the drive down. I'd definitely go to the San Xavier del Bac mission right outside of town, though. Drink some coffee at Cafe Passe, get a hand-written mix tape from a vending machine and drink cheap beer at Danny's Baboquivari, eat a chile relleno burrito at Maico's, and a pile of tacos at Taco Shop.

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