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Dec 10, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on Savage Love.
Dan, you fucked up with this one. I'm often a fan - I've been reading your column since high school, am friends with your friends, hung out with your dog, worked with my pal Tracey with your son at Bumbershoot, my girlfriend works with you, and I'm sure you've seen me around. I'm hella gender neutral (though that's shifted in my life because gender is weird and we get imprinted with all sorts of contradicting internalized expectations), and, for the record dear jerk commenters, I'm gluten free because when I have gluten, I get really fucking sick. Why does anyone care how other people operate their bodies?

People in the gray zone of gender need more support and validation, not less. Looking through so many of these comments was absolutely excruciating, and you're the one who gave the assholes who aren't okay with anyone outside of rigid binaries the green light to feel justified in that feeling. Yeah, some folks are poser jerks who are loud, but those will show up in every scene. Giving them focus really does everyone else a disservice. You fucked up. Fix it.

Also, Terry cut me off at a stop sign at Aloha last week. Can you let him know that right of way yields to the person who was actually at the stop sign first? Actually, I don't care, it was kind of funny. Just one point -- I'm your neighbor. I'm disappointed. Fix this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dec 3, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on Arizona Pastor Finds Biblical Cure for AIDS.
Wow. I'd bet a chunk this guy's a closet case. Sad for him.
Nov 15, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on What Are the Parallels Between Birth Control and PrEP?.
Pregnancy's ability to spread is fairly contained. Albert has sex with Brenda, Brenda gets pregnant. But now if Brenda has sex with John or Cindy, she can't get either of them pregnant on account of her being pregnant. To think HIV and pregnancy are the same thing would be a false equivalency. Yeah, they are both potential results of unprotected sex, but the way they each work, the options involved, and the actual consequences of both are very different.
Oct 30, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on Totally True Horror Story.
i want to read more! is this part of a larger series?

and for all the people saying "more comics based on real life" -- there's a bunch of comics based on real life. the graphic genre is huge - it includes all sort of biography/autobiography/journalism. start digging around! of a similar nature to this: one of the first drawn books I read was about jeffrey dahmer in high school -- called "my friend dahmer" by derf backderf. and obviously, fantagraphics in general is a good place to start.
Sep 26, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on Rae Sremmurd Is the Coolest Name of a Rap Crew Ever, and Their Single "No Type" Is Amazing.
is this partnered with american apparel or something? or did they both just pick their outfits from there without sponsorship?
Jun 12, 2014 tabathalphabet updated his or her bio.
Jun 12, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on A Very Important Slog Poll About Ethics and Arts Calendars.
It's tricky. We tend to curate our friends, in some capacity, and so it's hard not to promote them. We like them in the first place, and us lucky ones even like the things they make (and aren't staring at the wall while they play the pan flute). The people we choose to have around are an extension of our tastes.

That said, I generally think you should promote something because you like it and want to promote it, not because someone asked you to promote it, friend or not. I generally think that friendship is a separate realm from our professional lives. It's important to maintain boundaries between the two, to some extent. So we can recommend the work we appreciate and like, but recommending the work we like on the basis of being asked in the context of friendship-for-professional-advancement seems sticky. And to be honest, I think Francis is in poor taste here to reach out to you like that.
Feb 17, 2014 tabathalphabet commented on Neighbours Suspect May Have Been Trying to "Exterminate Homosexuals".
Heartbreaking. Musab was a friend of mine for a few years. He was a sweetheart, albeit a bit of a loose cannon, for lost the entirety of the time I knew him. He was the guy who would help me get a couch up my stairs, would share his croissants with me, would check on me when my cat was sick. He was always really moderate, really live-and-let-live. I'm a gay lady, although was never out with him, and when I chopped all my hair off a few years ago he always said it looked great. Whatever he became is something none of us who knew him recognize. He totally snapped last summer. Not sure what happened in his brain. Anyway, all the trolls constantly chiming in on these threads about how him being a "terrorist isn't surprising"... Fuck you. This case is complicated, humans are complicated. It's not that easy. I'd more quickly say this is a mental health case than a terrorism case, but fuck, I don't know. And I know I would very much like to validate the authenticity of this "source" though, before believing it point blank. Basically, people are complicated and this whole thing is super sad, in so many ways.
Dec 11, 2013 tabathalphabet commented on Indulge In a Little Drama with Friends and Family (The Band).
So. Excited. For. This. Show.

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