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Jun 21, 2011 SavageFan50 commented on Bristol Palin: Levi Raped Me.
Is consent while drunk, still consent?
Jun 21, 2011 SavageFan50 commented on Bristol Palin: Levi Raped Me.
There seems to be a policy among left leaning women to believe, without question, any woman making an accusation of rape, regardless of the circumstances. This is the only time I can recall such women actually questioning an accusation. I think it is because Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sahara Palin who is hated by the left( I'm a liberal myself ). Hypocrites.
May 18, 2011 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
Okay, so this week Dan had letters from two people who are picky about the genital size of their lovers.

It seemed like the dude was apologetic about his preferences where the female was unself-conscious in her letter. In my opinion this double standard in how you are allowed to feel about comes from our culture.

Dan didn't seem to thrilled with either person, but it seemed to me he might have been slightly less neutral with the dude. I am undecided about this, I can't really tell. What do other people think?

It seemed like the woman got a "that is life, this is how you proceed" reply about her preference for big penises whereas the guy got a "your preference, your PROBLEM" reply in regards to him wanting a woman with a big clitoris.

May 12, 2011 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
In regards to the first letter, I think it is good to teach college students that while they may be a member of an oppressed group they themselves may not be oppressed.

"Borrowing oppression" comes off as tiresome at best and if the person is obnoxious on top of it can drive people way/against a cause.

I can still remember a coworker from college who was a WMST major who was the prototype of the young, hostile feminist. She would make accusations and collect injustices on a daily basis. She would go on and on about how oppressed she way and how privileged I was. She grew up in a rich family going to private schools and was at my Big State U because she couldn't be bothered to study. Her male opressor father paid almost every bill she had.

Despite knowing better intellectually, it took me years to get it out of my gut that feminists weren't self entitled narcissists .

Mar 31, 2011 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
@Frustrated Fiancée;

The thing about "angry people" is that sooner or later they are going to get around to being angry at you. You don't want to be around them.
Feb 16, 2011 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
If a man enjoys having sexual pleasure with another man he is gay or at least bi.

I have to laugh at people who can deny that when their dick has been in another man's mouth.

I think Grouch Marx said it best with

"Who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes?"

Get real.

Nov 25, 2010 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
@ #130

Ditto. I'm 5 11. At 176 lbs I can feel my vertebrae against the back of a wooden chair.

At 140 lbs people I would be horribly thin.
Nov 25, 2010 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
@eccentrica, #131

I mean no disrespect in writing this, so please don't take any offense if my choice of words are clumsy.

It isn't something many people will say upfront because it is unflattering, even if it is true.

Women are notoriously bad with about telling their friends things that make them feel better rather than telling them what reality is.

One of these things is that their weight doesn't matter.

A big part of any relationship is an enjoyable sex life. A big part of an enjoyable sex life is finding your partner attractive. A big part of finding your partner attractive is your partner maintaining his/her physique.

You are right, there are other things in a marriage, but this is also a thing, a thing that if ignored can stress a relationship.

Nov 25, 2010 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.

I didn't take those words like you did. Is it possible that you are more sensitive to it than I?

I've heard gay acquaintances talk about people in their social circles the same way and more harshly.
Nov 25, 2010 SavageFan50 commented on Savage Love.
About the anorexic with the obese husband.

I think Dan would have given the same advice to a husband disturbed by his wife's weight gain.

However, in advice columns the man is usually painted as a cad for having a problem like this.

I've had a slow metabolism all my life. I've managed to keep my weight down by keeping a food diary. It is 5 min of effort a day.

The subject doesn't deserve the onus it gets.