Oct 23, 2012 GlamB0t commented on Artist's Rendering of Proposed New Sodo Arena Unveiled.
Seems kind of wasteful, or is that the point?
Oct 23, 2012 GlamB0t commented on New Logos: Arby's Vs. Wendy's.
@2 made me laugh out loud- a lot.
Oct 7, 2012 GlamB0t commented on We Really Showed Paul Allen.
This seems like a grass is greener problem. If it had been built, people would complain that there's not enough space for a company like Amazon to move to within the city limits.

I was not here in the 90's however I find it odd that the Seattle Center (which would essentially be right next to this giant park) continuously gets ignored.
Oct 4, 2012 GlamB0t commented on Okay, Where the Fuck Are My Car Keys?.
ONE DAY, I leave you fuckers for ONE DAY and it all goes to shit.
Oct 3, 2012 GlamB0t commented on LiveSlogging the First Presidential Debate.
I agree with @20 & @27.

I have a twitter & a web app. I can view tweets from The Stranger staff # while simultaneously watching the Slog community commentating on an event online viewed in "real time."

Technology: HUZZAH

(how's about that web job guys? ;) )
Oct 3, 2012 GlamB0t commented on Presidential Debate #1!.
I'm also looking for places in Belltown/Downtown...I get off work at 6 and want to catch it ASAP. Any ideas?
Sep 25, 2012 GlamB0t commented on I Can't Stop Watching This Clip of Susanna Welbourne at the Genius Awards.
Come on guys. The Stranger doesn't just pick some random person. Lots of time and effort go into each award. Give them their moment, it will be over soon.
Sep 25, 2012 GlamB0t commented on The Seattle Oilers?.
Um, no. The Lightning will stay right where they are thankyouverymuch.
Sep 25, 2012 GlamB0t commented on A Public Service Announcement from Slog.
@6, I just had cookie butter for the first time last Saturday. Delicious!