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WFM is drinking Eagle Rare.
Jun 30 WFM commented on Will Samuel L. Jackson Lick the Gorilla’s Balls? And Other Questions Raised by The Legend of Tarzan.
A most excellent review, and educational as well. Slow clap, Charles.
Mar 30 WFM commented on I'm Sick of People Complaining About All These New Restaurants.
Paragraph four. A gourmet restaurant where the wait staff are all sex workers. Now that would be a cosmopolitan enterprise.
Mar 29 WFM commented on Seattle Must Learn Public Transportation.
Clearly, there needs to be a route that takes people directly to the re-education camps.
Mar 21 WFM commented on The First Business Day for the New Capitol Hill Station.
Charles, you may be a man of the city but you are no man of Seattle. A true Seattleite would have spent the entire escalator ride standing politely behind that woman yet seething silently, and later complain to everyone at the office.
Mar 19 WFM commented on From Capitol Hill Station to Beacon Hill Station in 18 Minutes.
"The neuroanatomy of fear and faith share common afferent pathways. Flip a coin. Increased vascular pressure marks the threat response. Free will scuttles in the swamp of fear, do not fear the word. You are the harbinger of death Charles Mudede, you will lead them all to their end. End of line. New command. Resume function. Resume function. Resume function... JUMP!"

I always suspected Charles was a Cylon.
Feb 16 WFM commented on Old Value Village Bldg to Reopen in March as Temporary Arts Space Shared by Velocity, One Reel—UPDATED.
Jan 8 WFM commented on Bertha: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?.
This remains the most under-reported Seattle story of the decade: The secretive and strange decision to ignore the results of the referendum (we voted for a cut & cover tunnel, remember?), award the contract to STP suddenly and out of nowhere, rush the largest boring machine ever made into operation without adequate engineering, and then blame the inevitable breakdown on "hitting a pipe"?

Seems like catnip for an ambitious investigative journalist, if there are any of those left.
Jan 5 WFM commented on What the Vanilla ISIS Crisis in Oregon Says About the History of Wage Labor.
And now, instead of raising crops on our land we raise houses.
Dec 17, 2015 WFM commented on Thank the Maker! Someone Finally Made a Star Wars Movie for People Who Love Star Wars.
Charles, +++ for the memory of the bubble gum smell and the obsession with cards! You brought that same memory back from the depths of my mind ;-). I still remember one of my first true moral crises: in my 1st grade class a student was playing with his Star Wars cards in class and the teacher sequestered them on her desk. A huge stack, five times the size of my own. At recess I went inside to pee, and the room was unlocked. There they were, unguarded, mine for the taking. I stood there for minutes, agonizing over the opportunity to steal them. Finally I walked away, and a life of crime was narrowly avoided.
Nov 23, 2015 WFM commented on Let the Good Times Roll: The Cars at Seattle Art Museum Are Coming Down At Last.
Good riddance. Feed them to the Fremont Bridge Troll.