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Apr 5 decidedlyodd commented on A Transgender Food Service Worker's Minimum Wage Story.
@14 My guess is that she's not enrolled more than half-time at the moment. Lots of people work full-time and go to school less than half-time due to financial constraints. Unfortunately, you need to pay your loans back in that case unless you qualify for another form of deferment.
Mar 13 decidedlyodd commented on Leaked E-mail: Republican Senator Andy Hill Is Considering a Run for Governor.
He seems pretty much like Dino Rossi, Part 2. Blech.
Feb 27 decidedlyodd commented on Is King County About to Embarrass Seattle on Paid Parental Leave?.
Basic parental leave needs to come through an expansion of Social Security instead of through a patchwork of the whims of individual employers. Large employers offering this benefit to professional, fulltime staff should be celebrated as a good thing, but it still does not help those who probably need this the most--employees working part time or for lower wages or for smaller organizations.
Feb 26 decidedlyodd commented on MIT Graduate Develops a Program that Will End Theft at Self-Checkout Machines.
Yay, more ridiculous "please wait for assistance" messages.
Feb 17 decidedlyodd commented on Sea Stars Could Be Making a Comeback.
As a diver, I've been seeing small sunflower and ochre (pisaster) stars for a while now. They don't seem to be getting much bigger, but I'm not sure how long it takes for them to grow to full size. Sadly, I've personally seen some smaller ones that have the telltale unhealthy wasting appearance too. It's really too early to say if they're going to thrive or not. Either way they number many fewer than before while the presence of green urchins and to a less extent mussels has noticeably increased.

Also, the Salish Sea is not just Puget Sound. It includes Puget Sound, Georgia Strait and Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Jan 27 decidedlyodd commented on Governor Inslee Opposes Kill-Bertha Bill.
This whole thing is pure politics. Eastside Republicans are proposing this bill so that Inslee and other establishment westside Dems will come to the tunnel's rescue, thereby making it easier to make Seattle pay the inevitable overruns. "We gave you the opportunity to kill it, but you refused so you need to pay for it now" they'll say.

Of course, if the tunnel gets killed at this point, it'll be used as a justification to prevent any future transportation improvements in Seattle.

Either way, we're fucked, which was exactly McGinn's (and others') point when this thing was being rammed through in the first place.
Jan 13 decidedlyodd commented on Two Police Officers Who Shot and Killed Mentally Ill Homeless Man Actually Charged with Murder.
We'll see. They still have to get through the preliminary hearing and most notably, get a jury to convict a cop. That's no easy task.
Jan 12 decidedlyodd commented on Protesters Briefly Shut Down Council Meeting About Police and Bertha, Continue to Shout.
@9 +1 I don't even agree with Sawant on most of the issues, but I'll probably be voting for her since she manages to keep the council from acting as a single groupthink hivemind on so many issues.
Jan 7 decidedlyodd commented on The Stink-Fog That Coated Seattle Last Night.
It's certainly happening on the east side right now. Overlake TC was stinky and foggy.
Dec 15, 2014 decidedlyodd commented on What We Learned at Today’s Update on the Sinking Around the Downtown Tunnel Project.
The "tunnel project" is 70% done?! Except for that whole tunnel part I guess.

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