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Underemployed, laid-off architect, writing and shilling for a Philadelphia blog to make the ends meet… more »


  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Heathers! "Corn Nuts!"
  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: Because 7 8 9?
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: their/they're/there or your/you're or supposably/supposingly
  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?

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sluggerB is taking an epic leak.
Sep 22, 2010 sluggerB commented on Savage Love.
This is such a brilliant idea. Good work.
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB commented on Why Are You In The Picture?.
Some here in Phily are referring to our neighbor The First State's political running gag as "deLOLware 2010."
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB is taking an epic leak.
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB updated his or her location.
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB updated the link to his or her website.
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB updated his or her bio.
Sep 17, 2010 sluggerB joined My Stranger Face


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