Feb 4, 2013 caitiff commented on SL Letter of the Day: Rocky Mountain Rainbows.
Rocky Mountain Rainbow should refer to Colorado's recent legalization of weed and the diverse rainbow of sex acts.
A rocky mountain rainbow should mean "kinky and/or queer sex while stoned".
Jul 21, 2012 caitiff commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Pair of DTMFAs.
I've been in two relationships (1 year + each) and then a string of fuck buddies. I've had the asexual asshole, the fabulous boyfriend/fuckbuddy, the selfish bastard, and then that one guy who sees you squeeze out a teensy tiny orgasm and goes, "That was it, right?" A coital exchange with a fabulous boyfriend or fuckbuddy sounds like this:
"Hey darling, I didn't quite get there...."
"Oh! I'm sorry!"
*shrieks of multiple orgasms*

Any guy who squirts in/on/around you should be more than happy to return the favor. Some guys don't know how female pleasure works, but that's not an excuse either. If he seems to think you're being outlandish when you start giving him instructions, don't fuck the motherfucker. (Or DFTMF?)
Feb 17, 2012 caitiff commented on New Mom Confronts Old Dad.
When gay marriage started to come up more frequently in politics, it became a discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table. My now 87 year old grandma would usually just express that she thought that had no place in politics. Now that all us grandkids are older and each of us has gay friends that we advocate for when gay rights come up, she has definitely started to support it as well!
My dad grew up in a conservative, racist, homophobic, Lutheran household. I'm a theatre major ('nuff said) so when I got to my teen years, he got to know my gay best friend, and got used to the idea that many of the people that I knew and loved were gay as well. He went from "total yuck" when I was young to "Yeah, we gotta let the gays get married!" now. (Okay, we're still working on our terminology, but still. Dear ol' dad has learned.)
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