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Intense single senior mom Jewish, I guess, since I've been victimized since childhood by antisemitics… more »

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To Dave M.: I, also, am a childhood abuse survivor: physical, sexual, emotional, psychological at the hands of numerous family members. To say the bullies in the above story should not be held accountable for their actions and the end result is wrong. To say they are not responsible for this perfect young boy killing himself is highly erroneous. They are. Please educate yourself online or at your public library on the tactics of psychological and sexual terrorists and "hands off" homicide.

This is out of control on a global level. The same tactics were used during WWII by the Nazi Regime, encouraged and trained by an array of psychologists - Jewish and non-Jewish -- and promoted and funded by American corporations deeply involved in the practice of eugenics, antisemitism, and population and mind control. These statements are all documented and can be found in whole or in part all across cyberspace: which has become another tool in the use and promotion of terrorism and civil and social injustices in all forms, and the exploitation and sexploitation of women and children. Women have become as abusive as their male counterparts. Bullies, terrorists, sexual predators, and control freaks don't need reasons for their actions. They can find them for your benefit. They can lie with the best politician on earth. Bullies are as sociopathic and psychopathic as the worst serial killer on the planet.

Have you ever heard of "suicide by cop"? A lot of criminals pull this: committ the crime, draw down on a cop, threaten, scream, badger, even fire the gun in order to force a cop or cops to shoot to kill. This happens every day. "Hands off suicide" is becoming a major issue in America, including wrapped around domestic violence and now the emotional and psychological abuse of children ---- by children --- because they feel like it.

The same psychological warfare was used against POWs in every war this country has ever been involved in. Jews have been the victims of these type tactics since the beginning of time. Please research this if you doubt. I do want my abusers prosecuted and held accountable for all they have inflicted on me and my son over the past 56 years: five decades in which no one has done a thing to stop the abuse, including law enforcement.

These bullies need prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And this country is going to have to enact tougher laws to deal with this increasing psychological terrorist method of homicide and the inciting of civil and social unrest. These bullies are your new generation of leaders: your new Lords of Chaos. Much of this is also a result of the Mental "Health" communities and the vast array of MAOIs ---- mind ALTERING psychotropics. Hitler's developments with US help and support. Mind control. Mind altering.

Please research and get involved. You are not exempt because you are an adult. If you have ever been involved in such activity, however minor, you still are not exempt. These tactics are used by children, teens, and adults. The above profiled young man was murdered. No one even knows if he is gay. Who cares? I don't.. Who decided and why? Because he isn't built like a linebacker for the Rams? Because he was educated and his future mattered to him more than being popular? Because of his religion? Whatever the excuse, it is just than and another awesome life with a heavy future potential is gone because of bullies and their "hands off" homicide.

This has been going on in St.Louis, Missouri, for decades and has been picked up by gang bangers, dope dealers, and abusive men and their children. I got caught up in this at the hands of a bus driver -- all plotted out around the 1995 Murrah bombing. I have had these tactics inflicted on me as a result of relatives who served honorably in WWII and this repugnant country's decision to slam the doors on 10 million Jews while giving safe haven to over 200,000 of Hitler's Elite. This country began this in 1920 when it enacted an immigration control act levied straight at the Jews. Not criminals. Not terrorists. Not drug traffickers, but people who believed in God. People who built just about every worthwhile aspect of every culture on Earth since the beginning of time. Literally

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