Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Feb 11 evilvolus commented on Here's Why You Don't See Women in Comic Book Stores.
Zanadu in the U-District was pretty bad. But it's been closed for a while. And the downtown location is much nicer inside.
Feb 3 evilvolus commented on Scientology's Creepy Super Bowl Ad.
@20 - You should read Going Clear by Lawrence Wright. It outlines the origins of the church pretty clearly, and I don't recall anything quite so blatant as the popular bet story.
Feb 3 evilvolus commented on Scientology's Creepy Super Bowl Ad.
Yeah, I saw that one. Personally, I found it way less offensive to my sensibilities than their ad from last year, which was basically an ad for atheism with a Scientology tag on the last two seconds.…
Dec 31, 2013 evilvolus commented on The Last Morning News of 2013.
@14 - Ahh, found it. Apparently the contest rules required that "proposed names had to be female and have significance to Washington state heritage, life, nature, transportation or engineering."

Although, I think that Boneshaker is a fine female name...
Dec 31, 2013 evilvolus commented on The Last Morning News of 2013.
Can somebody please 'splain how the TBM got away with being called Bertha, and not The Incredible Bone-Shaking Drill Engine?
Dec 17, 2013 evilvolus commented on What Do You Think of the Sandman Movie Adaptation?.
I can think of less-qualified people to be pushing for this. My chief concern is that it would end up too mainstream to feel faithful, because nobody's going to drag in Avengers money with something as balls-tripping as Sandman deserves to be.
Dec 17, 2013 evilvolus commented on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Rides Again.
@11 - Comic books are another great example. It's often really interesting to see new and different writers' takes on existing properties. Occasionally, you get material vastly superior to the original--Alan Moore's Swamp Thing leaps to mind. Or a lot of the stuff Peter David did with the Hulk.

I also agree with @1, though I would go further and say that Sanderson's hand made for a better ending than I think Jordan could have done in his later years.

August Dereleth's work to expand on Lovecraft's writings arguably gives too much structure to what was madness, but it's undeniable that his involvement was critical to the current popularity of Cthulhu Mythos stuff.
Dec 6, 2013 evilvolus commented on Nelson Mandela Is a Symbol of the Possible.
@8 - I FINALLY GET IT! You think we hate you because you're old! You think your beliefs are so ass-backwards that SLOG hates you for embodying the wisdom of a past that we no longer have time for! I finally, finally understand!

So, let me help you out. We don't hate you because you're old. We hate you because you're a piece of pond scum. You are the answer to the question "Could an all-powerful, loving God create a person so reprehensible that even God hates his stupid face?"
Dec 6, 2013 evilvolus commented on Fuck You, Rick Santorum.
@13 - I'll go one further. John Bailo is denied permission to make sexual advances on any girls, because she can do better. Where "she" is defined as the set of all human women, living, dead, and yet to be born.
Dec 3, 2013 evilvolus commented on It's Day Two of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs. Pearl Jam vs. Slog Holiday Charity Challenge! WHO'S WINNING?!.
@38 - If only intellectual gymnastics were an Olympic event, you'd win the gold in a heartbeat.

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