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Feb 21, 2013 nicedavid commented on Over the Strawberry Moon.
Loved, loved, loved you article girl!! Write more!
Dec 31, 2011 nicedavid commented on The World's Greatest Mexican Diner.
nice review from a fellow ..hate the term ...foodie.. he he what reviewer, critic or what the hell.. makes me want to go there...
May 26, 2011 nicedavid commented on Duuuuuuuuude!.
I didn't laugh once and kept wondering what everyone was raving about and this one looks even fucking worse!! Yikes!!!
Dec 8, 2010 nicedavid commented on Concessions.
Lindy... I'm confused.. on your review of that steaming piece of crap Harry Potter movie you were like, look, I know this is shit, but I loved the books so... and this Narnia crap... like if it's sci-fi and you liked the books you don't slam it totally... what is it???
Sep 22, 2010 nicedavid joined My Stranger Face
Sep 22, 2010 nicedavid commented on Pay. Sit. Barf..
Someone made an astute comment the other day, can you imagine if a man dumped his wife because she wanted to have children and then went off on a year long trip to find himself what Oprah and her audience would have called him???? How about a self-indulgent, fucking asshole!!!