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Jan 2, 2015 Hibrowgorilla commented on What Seattle Artists Regret About 2014.
4 artists...seriously? How pathetic.

Oct 25, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on Is a School a Factory? The UW Art School Wants to Know.

...and why does this stink of a thinly discussed self promoting venue for his traveling side show The Scott Lawrimore Gallery/Lawrimore Project yet again?
Oct 25, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on Is a School a Factory? The UW Art School Wants to Know.
@ 2

cuz Rasputin is...
Oct 8, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on The People Take Over Curating the Frye, and the Peacock Goes Viral.
Sadly, and oh so typically, you have chosen to write about something that instead of seeing this as a somewhat compelling and interesting approach to art in public places and the current perception of museums and their "collections" and how the public chooses to interact or more importantly-not interact-with Art and museums. Obviously this is a PR attempt to create a buzz and get interest back at the Frye (not to mention restore the original intenion of its benefactor namesake, which is another story and travesty all its own) which has of late been perceived and held in public opinion (outside of the hipster art world of your cronies) that it's a dead misguided agenda of contemporary art (not to mention the boring and tired factor-which was extremely high before your friend Rasputin "left for a better position"). Truth be told Jen museums have to do something to gather public support and interest with the public If you went back into the archives of the Frye you would likely see the highest attended venues were not the hijacked legacy of the contemporary art venues of Robin Held and clique.you know,the ones that turned it into just one more banal, boring, and mediocre museum venue in the Northwest for guess what "contemporary art". Honestly people how many centers in museums for contemporary art does this town need? It's gotten laughable and the elitist disregard for histrionics and tradition in our Northwest has become shameful. If there's one trend that we will be look back on in Seattle as a huge mistake it will be the disregard of Seattle's art history traditions-those hijacked by "thinkers" for the desperate need to be noticed and recognized-feel relevant a d "modern"-all at the expense of support, history, and tradition. It's about time somebody got around to trying a different agenda and some alternative approaches to creating interest In the Northwest for art and museums. It certainly isn't happening your way.
Sep 10, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on Susan Robb Is Going from Mexico to Canada Like No Artist Has Gone Before.
Oh, and Jen likes Robb so much cuz Rasputin told her to...FYI
Sep 10, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on Susan Robb Is Going from Mexico to Canada Like No Artist Has Gone Before.
UGH...this is all such a total snore people,honestly...just how big of a fool are these characters playing folks for, it's all so low brow-Jen, Robb, and all of it.
Jul 9, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on Who Are the 15 Seattle Housemaids Starring in Maria TV?.
I guess if you give someone the "Genius" (which is another joke all its own) you have to write shallow stupid reviews like these but there is no real meat here just a put on and sham like so many these days .
May 18, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on Scott Lawrimore and the Legacy of Jacob Lawrence (Art at UW Could Be Changing in a Big Way).
Does anyone really care at this juncture is the real point? Whether this is a downgrade, an opportunity, or fall from grace, who cares? He seems to have played his hand out-used up all his poker chips-lost the bank. Going to what is a mere minor venue in academia to puff himself up in self important spin and rhetoric with no real influence nor power is boring and well, boring . Mr Lawrimore's condescension and elitist snobbery towards the NW art scene and it's artists have little place here these days.
May 14, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on The Man Behind Mark Tobey's Famous Breakthrough.
Your lack of enthusiasm is only overshadowed by the usual perceived bitterness in your tone of writing towards this subject matter. One wonders what could have been done with an article about this show and it's subject matter by someone who actually has respect and enthusiasm for these artists work and the movement.

Apr 30, 2014 Hibrowgorilla commented on The Protest Quilts of Joey Veltkamp and Negar Farajiani.
yet another one...
uh huh, yup, we ALL know how great and unbelievable the 60's-70's-80's-THE PAST-was-but could someone just live and create in the now please? Why is the regurgitation of the (recently/newly) rediscovered past so pervasive in our times and so compelling to most people? Trips down memory lane reminiscing are just too personal and totally boring, just as rehashing the movements and statements of the past are by unsophisticated artists and the lot. Maybe we can attribute the influence to that cringeworthy, pretentious, and obnoxious trend of abusing the term "informed by" in art speak OR just a lack of ability/talent all around? Hmmmmm. Even if it seems relevant, worthy, or inspirational it really isn't-just indulgent and common.
Maybe the Puyallup Fair would be a better venue to display this work for enjoyment and praise than an Art gallery.
And BTW-it was cooler in the hippie-regionalist craft and textile movements of the 70's.
…jus sayin'