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Feb 15 philosophy school dropout commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Why Is My Gay Son Hooking Up With a Girl?.
The mom sounds unhealthily involved in her son's sex life to me. Make sure the kid knows the deal with STDs and pregnancy, and be generally supportive, but otherwise back off and let him figure out who he is.
Feb 8 philosophy school dropout commented on Jill Stein Is a Rightwing Tool.
Getting anything good (or even halfway decent) out of the Democrats requires constant pressure from the left. Here's hoping that Jill Stein and many, many others never let up.
Feb 1 philosophy school dropout commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
The American people are caught between a rock and a hard place. The Republicans are now far-right lunatics. And the Democrats are still neoliberals. Neoliberalism (the guiding political philosophy of the last 40 years) has failed spectacularly. That failure, in combination with the fact that there is no political left in this country, is why people are turning to right wing lunatics, and not just in this country.

The Republicans are terribly dangerous and awful in every way and on every policy. But the Democratic party has no answers, and no plans for the problems that the failure of neoliberalism has left us with. Fundamentally the Democrats are losers (House, Senate, Presidency, Supreme Court, 2/3rds and growing of states). But that's only half the problem. If/when they win, they don't do anything to help. They trot out the same neoliberal policies that led us here in the first place.

This country, and the world, is in for a long, long ride down. It's not a happy thought, but there's nothing around that can stop it.
Jan 19 philosophy school dropout commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..

No, that wasn't my point. Not my point at all. My point is that Democrats are losers. Not that I want Republicans to win.
Jan 19 philosophy school dropout commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..
Democrats love to talk about what's 'not possible,' and just wallow there and justify their refusal to act in the people's best interests. Republicans go out and make things possible. Terrible things, mind you, but they change the debate.

Here we are in a time of system failure with people wanting big changes, and the Democrats are still just talking about what isn't possible. No wonder why they lose, and lose and lose.
Jan 19 philosophy school dropout commented on New To Town: Advice to Seattle Newcomers from Seattle Newcomers, Part 5.
I've been here 15+ years now, but this series has me trying to remember what I would have said a year in. I was poor as shit and in my mid-20s, living in North Seattle first, and then the U-district, oh and one month at the start crashing on a couch in Capitol Hill.

My favorite place was Beth's on Aurora (still love it). I also regularly frequented BurgerMaster @ 105th back then for the patty melt. I gobbled a ton of Dick's both in Wallingford and Capitol Hill. Thai Tom to eat and watch the dude turn working 7 burners into a martial art. Aladdin's Gyrocery for the gyros with gobs of hot sauce. I also had a soft spot for Schultzy's (I think) with the million and one sausage sandwiches. I can still remember the first 'Seattle dog' I bought on 1st ave downtown. I was super skeptical, but cream cheese and a Polish had me calling my dad the next day to tell him to make one back at home.

Our favorite place to go out was the Comet (RIP, yeah I know it still kinda exists, but still... RIP the Comet), and the Graceland on Monday nights for 10-50 people shows in the bar area. And back then the Crocodile consistently had the best sound engineering of anywhere I've ever gone to see a show. I don't know what the story is there now, I'm old.

As far as cool lesser known places in the city, I spent a ton of time walking around the ravine in Ravenna Park with my dog. Loved that place back then.
Jan 19 philosophy school dropout commented on The Morning News: Man Shot By Stray Bullet While Sleeping, Trump Tweets Campy Pic of Himself Writing Inaugural Speech.
Love that pic w/ the wine in the morning and the haggard look. Hey, some mornings are like that. Perfect.
Jan 16 philosophy school dropout commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lifelong Straight Guy Wants To Recreate Magical Gay Sex He Once Had With Smooth Guy Whose Queeny Ways Appealed to Him.
@15 and @9

Yes, I agree. Love your posts, Wandering Stars. This one in particular was many times better than the letter itself.
Dec 15, 2016 philosophy school dropout commented on Savage Love.
DONE, let's reverse the situation and pretend HRC won, and there's some conservative white person who's refusing to sleep with other conservatives because Trump didn't get elected, and they feel that their lovers should have done more to make it happen.

Not a perfect match to your situation, admittedly, but still what would you think of that person? Pretty terrible all around, right? Well, you currently have a lot more in common with that person than you're likely to want to believe about yourself. Maybe that can motivate you to change.
Dec 15, 2016 philosophy school dropout commented on Required Reading: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.
The Democratic Party is much earlier in the process you describe than the Republicans were. Those Tea Partiers had people in Congress ready to push the obstructionist agenda from the inside. Where are the organized leftist Democrats who will do the same? They don't exist in any numbers or positions of consequence. We've already begun to see how Democrats will respond to Trump... by looking for ways to work with him.

The Democrats are a Neoliberal party. And that means they are right wing. Not as right wing as the lunatics in the other party, but right wing by literally every measure outside of identity. Asking for left wing activities from a right wing group is planning for failure.

The battle really starts in 2 years, with district to district fights to replace right wing Neoliberal Democrats with leftists. Then you can start to make 'progress' resisting the far right.

The left is dead and buried in this country. The establishment has utterly failed the populace, and the only people with any organization or plan are the lunatic right wing. It's going to be a long loooooooooonnnnng road to sanity, if we ever even make it there.