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Sep 28, 2010 timeforachange commented on Gay Teenager Kills Himself In Wisconsin.
I AM the parent of 2 kids that attend Cody's school and I am all to familiar with the probelems at the school and with living in such a small town. The school does not want to admitt that there is a problem with bullying but both of my children have been bullied at this same school. I will be attending the school board meeting and I will follow thru until somthing changes, this has to stop. Who cares what color your skin is, how short, tall thin or fat you are if you are gay or straight we are all entitled to an education and we send our children to school each day trusting that the teachers and staff will protect them and they will feel safe but I believe that 7 out of 10 kids at SHS will tell you differently. They dread going to school, don't feel accepted, safe or happy, how sad. Parents step up and scream "THIS STOPS NOW" god made each of us and he doesn't make mistakes.