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Mar 8 palamedes commented on Go To These Women-Owned Restaurants In Seattle Today.
I believe Kimchi Amigos is out of business.
Oct 9, 2015 palamedes commented on Sad Stuff: Underground Comics Giant Dennis Eichhorn is Dead.
Mr. Dougan, if memory serves, also on occasion illustrated for the Whole Earth Catalog and their magazine, the Co-Evolution Quarterly.
Jun 19, 2015 palamedes commented on Do You Know About the $5-and-Under Cheese Bins at QFC?.
PCC also does this - you'll likely get a fair bit less cheese, but hooboy, some of it is FANTASTIC.
Mar 30, 2015 palamedes commented on What's Seattle's Spiciest Dish?.
Spiced in Bellevue seems to have a mixed opinion as to quality, but not in terms of the heat available.
Mar 27, 2015 palamedes commented on A Table at Emerald City Comicon.
Not bad, but it's borrowed from a Harlan Ellison story - Tired Old Man, I think.
Oct 16, 2014 palamedes commented on Starting Tomorrow: A Weeklong Festival of Robert Altman Films at the Egyptian.
I saw Popeye at a tiny movie theater in Midland, Michigan when it first came out. I had a long walk with myself all the way home, in the newly falling show, afterward, trying to parse it out. :-)
Sep 11, 2014 palamedes commented on RIP: Apple iPod™ "Classic".
I have an iPod Touch and enjoy it most on long journeys, especially by airplane. The size works for me when I want to listen to music, watch a movie or a string of episodes of a TV series. I enjoy it being unobtrusive, and I've owned it long enough that, if lost or stolen, I would not shed too many tears.

Unfortunately, the battery is starting to die and I need to decide if I want to plunk another $70 down for a replacement battery.
Sep 9, 2014 palamedes commented on Ferguson City Council Promises the Impossible: It Will Not Need the Revenue From Fines and Fees.
@6 - Shhh, don't disturb @1 - he's all a-tingle with his moral superiority....