Nov 8, 2014 Lan commented on Should the Duggar Girls #FuckFirst?.
What christians do is brag about themselves. How good they are. How much they can cherry-pick from their own book, which they wrote ages ago. That is what they do! And ask us to obey them, again and and again because they brag about being good. Not gonna happen. No fucking longer. And we did their fucking shit for a real long fuckin' time, but not fuckin' now.
Jun 15, 2014 Lan commented on Why Can't Hillary Answer the Question?.
She just sounds nutty and bitchy. Fuck her. I am a liberal democrat, but I don't need her. Bring in the new.
Oct 6, 2012 Lan commented on Is Tony Perkins Threatening to Sue Me?.
I am so glad Tony put Dan in his place. All Dan wants, it seems, is to help people and make them feel better. How sick! People like Dan should be locked away in some kind of camp with barbed wire, and given only a diet of potatoes, or gruel. Compassion must be contained, not celebrated. How can we let healers just walk among us freely? And his head is poisoned by education. He is just a monster. And it gets worse over time. It seems the only thing he cares about is love.

Jul 9, 2012 Lan commented on Pat Robertson: The Bible Is "Terribly Wrong".
Conservative christians are quite liberal about much of the bullshit in the bible. They are liberal about divorce, even though Jesus condemned it and said if you re-marry you are an adulterer. They are liberal about child-rearing, even though the bible says to murder disobedient kids. They are only conservative about us, and abortion.
Jul 1, 2012 Lan commented on Are You a Queer Women Who Dates "Women and Trans Men"?.
There is nothing wrong with non-trans people feeling like they are a well-integrated single-gendered person and born integrated. "I am a man," or "I am a woman" is perfectly healthy and acceptable and clear, as is "I like women, or I like trans men." A healthy trans person would not want people physically and mentally a single gender to worry about anything at all. Only an angry, jealous person would want someone to suffer over their issues, an anguish over adopting a new gender dictionary.

Here is what should be in that blog post: "I am glad that non-trans gender people enjoy the fact that they were born with the same bodily gender as their psychological gender. I will not impose new labels on their personal gender expression. And I really want non-trans people to enjoy that fact, and to feel good and not the least bit guilty for the gift of mind-body gender integration the got at birth. They have a gift that I didn't get, in that they don't have to explain, or struggle. Let them enjoy it in peace, using whatever language they please. I refuse to label them "cis." Their personal description is my description. How can I be the least bit insulted by someone else's joy when it has no impact on me or my esteem, which I generate from the inside? My trans status has been a gift too, and not a disability. I am much stronger and integrated in mind, body and spirit through this beautiful, God-given struggle. We can all feel positive about who we are, and how we describe it. Freedom of expression, and freedom on gender expression!"
Jun 30, 2012 Lan commented on Are You a Queer Women Who Dates "Women and Trans Men"?.
Instead of working on self-esteem from the inside, there are is this loony trans army who believe the only way to happiness is to accuse people of language abuse. It's nuts.
Jun 28, 2012 Lan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Ovary Up!.
Of all of the words, both of tongue and of pen, the saddest are these: what might have been.
Jun 10, 2012 Lan commented on "Can we talk instead of shout about gay marriage?".
Really, our side gets angry over lies. No gay marriage has ever damaged a straight marriage, and our love is not some destructive force. Saying our bonds are destructive to straight bonds is insulting bullshit. Rage is the only appropriate measure of response.
May 22, 2012 Lan commented on NOM's Brian Brown Said I Could Name the Time and the Place.
Brown would have to be nutz to debate you. He will back out, that's 100 percent certain. It would be like Hitler screaming in the Hitlerbunker.
May 13, 2012 Lan commented on I Hope Tony Perkins Doesn't Pray to Jesus With That Mouth.
When Perkins is on, the show becomes Softball. Matthews sits on his ass while Perking lies to his audience. There is no science to his claims. It is MISINFORMATION. You would think that would be journalism 101 for that show -- do no harm. But no, we have to hear about imaginary science ever....single....fucking.....time.