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Jul 3 cocktailer commented on Why Public Tranportation Will Not Work Without Agressive Social Engineering.
One strategy that would help in this regard is a policy that allows sound transit to build integrated TOD around stations, as happens in place like Singapore. Let's take a look a Beacon Hill Station. The station is almost entirely underground, yet the land on top of this station is basically wasted space.

We really do not need anymore wind swept plaza, bamboo, and benches with "bum deterrents".

Imagine if Sound Transit were allowed to develop the property above the station in an efficient and profitable way, say a 12 or more story residential/commercial building with integrated station entrances. The profit from this development could be put right back into expanding the system, plus we would be expanding the supply of affordable houses.

I have a sinking feeling that even Kshama Sawant would be opposed to this... but I hope I am wrong.
Jun 27 cocktailer commented on Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man a Heavy Drinker.
I will go on the high plants, low animals diet, or as I like to call it the "reefer and weasel" diet.
Jun 27 cocktailer commented on Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man A Heavy Drinker.
14 Drinks a week is a moderate drinker (man) according to the CDC.

According to most studies, 2 drinks a day is the RECOMMENDED amount to achieve alcohol's health benefits.! The medical community is afraid to recommend drinking alcohol, however. You can probably chalk this up to USA's puritanical christian history.

Also, it is well know that patients under report the number of drinks they consume by roughly 50%, so the RECOMMENDED about is most likely closer to 3 or 4 drinks a day. This works for me.
Jan 30, 2013 cocktailer commented on The Rent Hike.
Last time I checked, the Socialist and Communist parties in this state had very few members.

Until this changes this article and comment are just whining.

You can't just convert to Socialism on one issue when it impacts you. We live in a right wing capitalist country. Barrak Obama is somewhere to the right of Ronald Reagan.
Dec 3, 2012 cocktailer commented on South Lake Union's Dead Living Wall.
Get off my lawn?
Aug 1, 2012 cocktailer commented on Gerard Cosloy Disses the Kingdome.
That is an improper use of "begs the question".
Jun 26, 2012 cocktailer commented on A Handy "What Not to Say to a DJ" List.
Whatever... DJs are just a type of low level technician, not some kind of superstar.. Deal with it.
Apr 4, 2012 cocktailer commented on City Grants El Centro's Petition to Beef Up Property Height.
We can't wait for the Oak, also! Hooray again.
Apr 4, 2012 cocktailer commented on City Grants El Centro's Petition to Beef Up Property Height.
Hooray! Yeah I live on Beacon and there are a few Pat Murakami clones who screech at any kind of development and loss of parking. That fast majority of Beaconians want urban density and amenities. That Centro building will replace the new parking lot no one has ever used.
Mar 3, 2011 cocktailer commented on A Perfectly Good Explanation for This?.
Visual arts are covered by United States copyright law:


"independent creation is permitted.A second work, identical to an earlier copyrighted work, does not infringe, if it is, in fact, independently created. [Of course, the better known the first work, the less likely that an independent creation defense will be believed.]"

The odds of the Young-Rosenast version of the work being independently created are low, considering the time of creation and the proximity of the Featherston Gallery.

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