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Sep 30, 2010 gen2name joined My Stranger Face
Sep 30, 2010 gen2name commented on Bullied Gay Teenager Commits Suicide—Will His Tormentors Face Charges?.
Regarding the snarky remark in the story which reads:

"And, hey, another dead gay teenager—mission accomplished, 'Christians.'"

This may come as a shock, but people can claim to be things they actually aren't. If I hadn't actually gone to medical school and obtained my M.D., I could still claim to be an M.D. With this analogy in mind, applying the biblical absolutes, which I'll assume the author just momentarily became ignorant of, would show that anyone who harassed this individual under the guise of Christianity was not a Christian (whether they knew it or not). It's strange how people would completely acknowledge that it's possible to pass yourself off as anyone that you're not except of course when it comes to Christians. Most define a person is something or someone when they meet a set of criteria, but the reverse is many times the case when it comes to Christians. As such, the author has just placed in the same set those who commit acts of atrocity under a banner of Christianity with persons such as John Wesley, Billy Graham, Martin Luther, Francis of Assisi, Justin, and Christ. That's what you get from a four sentence blog about a story. Welcome to the "Informed Generation."

Am I happy his bodily life has been I say bodily, because he is still alive--the only question is where--and the answer to that is known but to God.

When you do a psychiatry rotation there are several things you learn. First, people are responsible for their own actions. Second, as we are human, we are not all-knowing and the completed suicide was ultimately not preventable. The students who bullied are responsible for bullying. The individual who committed suicide is responsible for committing said suicide. People feel guilty when someone else commits suicide and guilty people often try to take righteous action to atone. The problem is the guilt they feel is not their's to bear and atonement is neither necessary nor remedial for the feeling. When one talk's about self-righteousness, this might be a great example.

What is a consistent failure in understanding is that we have been commanded to go and preach the gospel to all people. We love you because we are no different, just saved. And as much as it would delite us to spend our time in constant worship, few things bring the as much King glory as when we love those who hate us--and that is love--to rescue the perishing.

"Preach law to the arrogant, preach grace to the humble; they will not understand the need for Mt. Zion unless they are first shown Mt. Sinai."