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Former San Francisco Guy who now lives in London with his husband (Thanks DOMA)

Jun 15, 2016 frizbeesf commented on What We Find in Gay Bars and Queer Clubs.
remember my own “Pulse”. A place where as young gay man working through my own coming out process I found friends, a sense of community and camaraderie. It is a club on Halsted Street in Chicago’s “boystown” neighbourhood called “Sidetrack” It is a large brightly lit bar that shows music videos on a giant screen. Each night of the week has a theme. Comedy night, 80’s night, Diva night, etc,

But Sunday and Monday nights were Showtune nights. When videos from Broadway musicals played to packed crowd of mostly gay men, singing along (in harmony) at the top of our lungs. A tradition I am happy to see carries on there to this day...

I had only recently moved to Chicago (from Madison) but I soon made a group of friends and Showtune Mondays became our ritual , it was the first time in my life I felt part of any sort of LGBT Community. It was incredibly empowering.

Down the street from Sidetrack was a wonderfully dingy Piano bar called Gentry. There I would make friends with some of the most amazing people I have ever known.. The glorious Honey West, the amazing Khris Francis, the late, great and fabulous Rudy De la Mor and the late and dearly missed Michael James. All of them, powerful LGBT role models. Who each in their own way, showed a terrified young gay man that living authentically and honestly was not only the better choice, it was in fact, the only choice

Yet never once during all that time in those “safe spaces” did I think that my life might be at risk. That some conflicted, hate filled madman would seek out that space in order to rain chaos and death down on me and my friends.

I am sure none of the people at Pulse last Sunday night thought that either Yet that is exactly what happened to them. Their lives cut brutally short in place that had been a refuge and place they felt was truly theirs.

It is crucial we not lose sight of what really happened in Orlando last Sunday. It was not "radical Islam" or whatever dog whistle Trump is sounding. It was an act of homophobic terror.

The gunman didn’t target Pulse and the people there because they were American, (so was he) or because they were Non-muslims or even because they were in a nightclub He targeted them because they were Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender.

This was about killing Gay people The right wing in America desperately is trying to spin the reasons away from that basic truth, because it is their rhetoric and actions that send clear messages to people like this disturbed gunman that LGBT people are “less than” and therefore killing them isn’t wrong.

The voices of the American Taliban; The Tony Perkins’, the Bryan Fischers, the Brian Browns, did not pull the trigger last Sunday night. Yet their fingerprints are clearly all over the gun.
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Feb 14, 2016 frizbeesf commented on The Definition of Insanity: Gay Republicans.
As anyone who has ever attended a College Republican event could tell you it is the most desperate closet-case-a-polooza you will ever see, (Aside from CPAC which tends to send grindr and craigslist into meltdown.) Dan's piece on what motivates Gay Republicans could not be more accurate. There is a clear self-hatred and a definite anger at / envy of LGBT Americans who live happy, out, productive lives without wallowing in the same cesspool of self inficted misery. It is a shame really America needs two parties the fact that the GOP (and yes, I once was a card carrying member of the Republican Party, I was also deep deep in the closet but I digress...) has so completely lost its mind and sold its soul to the American Taliban means our national debate is no longer a valid argument between left and right, but rather a contrast of Sane vs Crazy.
May 9, 2012 frizbeesf commented on Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage.
Yes this is great. The President doesn't think we are icky and less-than any more.. yay us!
(waves rainbow flag while singing "I am what I am" and farting glitter...) My husband and will run down to the US Embassy here in London first time tomorow to fill out his sponsorship paperwork and green card application! Oh wait.... we still cant.

Once the joys cries of happy munchkins has died down, lets ask the next logical question... What does this mean? The answer.. not much. Great symbolism, historic even. But in practical terms of the lives of same sex couples? Nothing. States can still write bigotry into law and smile while they do it. Bi-national same sex couples like my husband and I are still living in DOMA exile, because of a complete lack of federal recognition of our relationship. I am glad to hear the President SAY he supports marriage equality, I'll be more impressed when his ACTIONS match the rhetoric.
Apr 29, 2012 frizbeesf commented on On "Bullshit" and "Pansy-Assed".

You were right the first time. The are weak skinned hatefilled pansy assed hypocrites who hurl the most hateful bile at LGBT people, take pride and joy when they bully gay kids to death. Think HIV is God "cleaning house" and THEN shriek hysterically that they are the oppressed victims when the people they attack have the nerve to fight back.

Focus on the Funding...err.. I mean the "Family" is the American |Taliban, they hate democracy, they hate freedom they are as committed to theologically based oppression as any of the proponents of Sharia law they scream hysterically about on FOX news.

Don't apologize, don't back down. These monsters are killing kids.

Oh and by the way Dan... God is on YOUR side.

Oct 2, 2010 frizbeesf commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.

Every year untold numbers of American kids die from the type of lethal harassment that the absurdly mis-named Focus on the Family would seek to promote and protect. These people are not Christians, they are vile terrorists who rejoice at the death of American Kids. I truly believe that when Candi Cushman, and Focus on the Family founder, James Dobson finally do come face to face with the Christ they claim so loudly to follow; He will say; "I do not know you."

Keep going Dan! The American Taliban is running scared. they are desperately trying to get control of the bullying debate because they ARE the bullies . Is it such as shock that Focus on the I mean Family has launched an all out attack on anti-bullying and safe schools programs? These programs are a THREAT to HOMOPHOBIA and if you even allow for the argument that homophobia kills, then you'll have face the question "So where did all that deadly homophobia come from?"

Remember, whenever you hear the Religious Wrong in the country saying how much they want talk about bullying, but NOT about homophobia , they are NOT interested in protecting kids, they are ONLY interested in protecting and promoting hatred of Gays and Lesbians.
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