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Oct 3, 2010 Marlena Machol commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
Seems like you are implying that "real" Christians are loving, kind, accepting, non-violent and not bigots but, by not calling the haters Christians, you miss their whole point. They do what they do precisely because of their belief in gods, not in spite of it. I'm sure they would look at you and think you are not a "real" Christian because you don't stand up for what they are sure their version of Christ would have wanted. Some preach hate and some preach love, but they all do so in the belief in the existence and divinity of Jesus Christ, and that is the only requirement for being a Christian (look it up in the dictionary if you don't think so). It's just a matter of who is interpreting the wishes of the gods.
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Oct 3, 2010 Marlena Machol commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
I am an Atheist and the mother of a gay son.

The problem with respecting the beliefs of anyone who promulgates the existence of gods is that it is that very belief that underlies all the other problems. Without the underlying belief in gods, there would be no one making claims about the wishes of those gods, no one claiming “god hates (interestingly whatever they hate) or god wants you not to masturbate or god says to give me ten percent of your income (perhaps the greatest scam ever). Only people who hold such beliefs will teach their children that god hates gays. People who do not hold those beliefs might also hate gays, but they will have to accept that responsibility themselves and justify it on some other basis, which would be so much harder to do.

The use of metaphors like unicorns and spaghetti monsters is completely appropriate to the discussion. Before anyone has the right to claim that some god wants humans to do any particular thing, and to have that claim enforced by law, they ought to have to prove that said god exists. And not just “exists” in some kind of ethereal, fantasy realm, not just by avoiding that issue with something like “God is love,” or “God is the ‘ground of all being,’” whatever the hell that means, but flesh and blood exists in the concrete kind of existence we all implicitly understand that we would need to see before we would believe in unicorns or flying pasta.

Interestingly, in a little publicized case in 2006 in Italy, an Atheist who had once studied for the priesthood sued a parish priest to make him prove his claim of the historic existence of Jesus Christ. The judge ordered the priest to appear in court to prove that Jesus Christ existed and the next thing I heard about it was that the case had been “filed away,” in spite of the fact that the priest had produced no such evidence. The ultimate cover-up?

So no, I do not respect ignorance in any form and I respect it least when those who promote such ignorance seek to harm my son, justify it with their claims for the wishes of unseen beings and enlist in their crusade those government and civilian entities they conscript to their cause to enforce their ignorance. I remember when I was a kid, my uncle’s wife spoke to unseen beings; they put her on lithium, as I recall.