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Oct 3, 2010 gioleedy commented on Why Are So Many Gay Kids Killing Themselves?.
For kids & teens fac’n crisis: Life isn't EZ. Suicide's a way out, but it's EZ & stupid. Life's neither! When we face our challenges & win, we’re WINNERS! So follow ur dreams & never give up! The Suicide Prevention Hotline says: If U or SOMEONE U KNOW's in SUICIDAL crisis or EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

No one deserves b’n made fun of. Bullies deserve to get in trouble. U can even call the police to help! U may not only be help'n urself, but others2. In some cases, bullies wisen up & befriend u. It's tru! So speak & stand up. Make a change! Ask ur parents for help2. If they can't, won't, or are some way involved, then go 4help on ur own. It may be scary 2do so- but so are scary movies. Do it anyways! Reach out, call or talk2 someone. Take the 1st step & save ur life 4the many beautiful days yet to come ur way.

Please feel free to copy and pass this message on.