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Sep 5, 2013 Rex Manning Day commented on Bill Nye the Science Guy Will Dance with Stars (Instead of Just Teaching You About Them).
Of note: I live in DC, and my wife used to attend these weekly blues/swing dance parties put on by an organization that teaches swing dancing. Bill Nye showed up at one a few years ago, and while she did not get to dance with him, my wife said he appeared a thoroughly decent dancer.

So don't sleep on the Science Guy. Dude swing dances in his free time.
Feb 1, 2013 Rex Manning Day commented on White House Caves on Birth Control Coverage.
Oh, for crying out loud.

First off, this won't cost the taxpayers anything. The contraceptive plans are paid for by fees the insurance companies pay. The insurance companies will pay for those fees by raising rates, which are paid by employers. Thus, employers will still be paying for this coverage, not taxpayers. There's just an extra step in there to make whiny employers feel better.

Second, this isn't craven appeasement, it's just good politics. First, Obama riled up the GOP's crazy religious wing, which got him a bunch of votes and further emphasized the right's extremism in the last election. Now, he's throwing them a bone that costs him nothing, but makes him look like the responsible adult who's willing to compromise. Sure, plenty of GOP talking heads will screech about how this doesn't change anything, but all that does is make them look worse and Obama look better.

He got the guaranteed coverage that liberals wanted, and on the way he made his team look better and the other team look worse. You're angry because you wanted to see him get a slam dunk to rile up his fans, but you're ignoring the fact that instead he stayed back and nailed a 3-pointer.
Feb 15, 2012 Rex Manning Day commented on Black Racism and Lin.
Right, and that video where Lin and another teammate do an elaborate handshake routine wherein Lin mimes being a nerd reading a book is definitely a sign that the teammate is an ignorant believer of the "Asians are all smart math nerds" stereotype.

Teammates tend to have all sorts of little celebratory gestures with each other. Which is to say, if Lin's teammates are bowing to him, it's probably because he's in on the joke, not because they're ignorant of how to interact with Asian Americans.
Sep 14, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on Eating Pussy Harder than Sucking Cock.
It is possible for your muscles to get tired working on both cocks and pussies, so I think that's a wash. But I will make two notes:

1. On the whole, pussies seem more likely to be sensationally tricky than cocks. Exceptions aside, and also acknowledging that just because most cocks are pretty easy to operate doesn't mean there isn't room for improved technique, by and large there are more picky pussies than picky cocks.

2. If you get tired while sucking cock, it's usually pretty easy to use your hand for a bit. That is, there is not an anatomical limitation (barring intervention from whatever position you're in) to doing so. No matter where you are in relation to your partner, you can pretty much always wrap a hand around the cock and take a breather. This is not true for pussies, particularly taking into account #1, above.

Let's say you are lying face down between your partners legs and want to take a break. If she likes clitoral stimulation, you have basically one option: you have to put your hand flat, palm towards the pussy and fingers up, and rub. If you do this, your hand is now blocking the pussy, preventing you from any sort of less intensive but still nice licking (cf, using your hand on a cock and just licking the tip). Plus, this is actually a slightly odd angle for your elbow, and it'll probably get tiring relatively quickly.

Things are slightly easier if she prefers vaginal stimulation, though you may need to shift your body up towards her stomach. This has the added bonus of leaving the clitoris open for light licking during this break, a la the cock-tip-lick mentioned above.

Thus, in general I think it is harder, in most positions, to take a break with your mouth and maintain manual stimulation during cunnilingus than during fellatio. This is compounded by the relatively higher pickiness of most pussies as compared to most cocks; options are already slightly more limited during cunnilingus, and any pickiness is likely to simply reduce these options even further.

Therefore, on the whole, I think it is often tactically harder to lick a pussy than it is to suck a cock, while the difficulty re: oral muscle fatigue is essentially a wash.
Mar 16, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on 2011 Championship of Balls Championship.
Trick question: Lemmy IS God.
Mar 8, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on Good To Know.
To be fair, a comma is not, strictly speaking, necessary between "ignorant" and "piece of shit".
Feb 22, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on Veroli the Virtual Philosopher.
So, "Philosophers study the truth, Marxism is the truth, therefore Philosophers must be Marxists"? Righto.

If you ask me, advancing a hypothesis by selectively "defining" certain words and drawing rhetorical conclusions from those definitions is more sophistry than philosophy. But that's just me.
Jan 26, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on What's that Gray and Burgundy Logo in All the Ad Slots on Slog Today?.
Not for nothing, but Wonkette didn't find this. Videogum did. Wonkette even says they got it from Videogum.

Just sayin.
Jan 18, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on I Don't Care What Anyone Says, Ricky Gervais Is My Hero.
You can see all of his jokes from the entire show here-…. He didn't just stop with the monologue, he was burning basically everyone he introduced, and then closed the show with, "Thank you god for making me an atheist."

Jan 4, 2011 Rex Manning Day commented on Scalia: Women, Gays Aren't Citizens Who Deserve Equal Protection.
@1 and @2: No. What Scalia said was, "Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn't." That's not a superfluous historical observation. He's not just noting that the word "women" doesn't appear in the text. He is literally and explicitly saying that the Constitution does not prohibit discrimination against women.

It's frustrating when people respond to insanity like this by pointing out that "technically, he's correct". Even among people who disagree with nutjobs, there's always a group that rushes to justify their nutjob rants by pointing to the tiny kernel of truth buried in the mountain of bullshit. But that one superficial truth does not justify the bullshit conclusion Scalia is spouting. Nor does the historical fact that women weren't legally considered persons in 1868 negate the holy-shit-duh fact that in 2011 they are.

"Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." We can disagree all we want about Constitutional interpretive philosophy, but it is simply insane to argue that in 2011, that sentence does not apply to women.