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Oct 30, 2013 NoxiousNan commented on “I didn’t know unborn children had lawyers... I said, 'Where's my lawyer?'".
My youngest is 22, and that's how many years I've been recommending to pregnant women to be careful about what they say to their doctors. I made the same mistake as Ms. Beltran resulting in a far less severe, though still ridiculous and infuriating outcome.

I told my pre-natal nurse that I was a daily marijuana smoker, but had stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant (as I did with cigarettes; something actually harmful to fetus'). Not another word was mentioned, no questions asked. But when I gave birth, and my son wouldn't latch on sith our first breastfeeding attempt they took him away. When I wanted to try again, they said no; I couldn't have my son. Why? Because he had not peed enough for the drug test they'd be giving him (an exceedingly robust, 21" long, 8lb baby). I didn't see him for the first four hours of his life - a time most physicians believe to be crucial for bonding.

I hope Ms. Beltran wins her suit, and that more follow, until this useless and shaming practice is put to an end.
Feb 11, 2013 NoxiousNan commented on Anti-Gay Bigots at High School In Indiana Can't Ban Gay Kids From Prom....
#106 Oh please. Prove it. Good luck finding anything written here more hateful than excluding and shunning someone for something that is as intrinsic to their being as your heterosexuality is intrinisic to you (a guess, obviously).
Dec 22, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on What She Said.
Meg/#43: “And honestly, this crap about false allegations really gets under my skin -- there are far FAR more sexual assaults that are never ever reported than there are false reports made. Why don't you worry about THAT for a change? You want to talk ruined lives? Think about those ruined lives.”

God I hate that attitude. That is right up there with, “why help abused animals when humans are suffering the world over?” The fact is that each number in any of these statistics represents a human being. It is misandrist to think that we shouldn’t care about men falsely accused because there are much more women being raped by people other than those men. Sick.

I am a proud (lefty) feminist and I spend some thankless time each year trying to educate people about the hell that men go through once falsely accused of rape. I have taken it upon myself because I’ve had a front row seat of a false accusation from the accusation through the entire judicial process and it’s aftermath.

Feminism is about equality – we’re not supposed to be trying to turn the tables. Many many more women get raped than men get falsely accused, absolutely. If more men got raped than women falsely accused would the falsely accused still be acceptable collateral damage?

@Ankylosaur – Thank you! Also, you are not alone…just nearly.
Oct 12, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on Confidential to the White House.
This JUST NOW hit my email (1:16pm westcoast) from Washington Post:
RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- A federal judge has issued a nationwide injunction stopping enforcement of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, ending the military's 17-year-old ban on openly gay troops.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips' landmark ruling Tuesday was widely cheered by gay rights organizations that credited her with getting accomplished what President Obama and Washington politics could not.

U.S. Department of Justice attorneys have 60 days to appeal. Legal experts say they are under no legal obligation to do so and they could let Phillips' ruling stand.
Oct 12, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on Confidential to the White House.
@92 - Usually when I use the term, "I'm so sick of..." it is done, on an unconscious level, in order to alert the reader that my frustration has sent me past reasonable discourse and into the realm of being a tool.

I don't think I would have figured that out unless I read your comment only days after using that expression myself. Thanks! I'll try to watch myself in the future. Hope you do same, because you seem otherwise non-toolish.
Oct 6, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
@393 – umm I think you might mean 382 – me, that is.
I suspect 342 would be unnecessarily hurt by your words. Me, not so much.

I thank you for noting my skills with wordplay, especially coming from such an eloquent wordsmith as yourself. I did indeed puposely misread your pompous, inappropriately harsh quote. It deserved my "misunderstanding." Also, you have not answered the question.

For someone that seemingly holds words and sentences in such high regard, you failed utterly to understand that quotes can change the meanings of things (see above quote usage see, I didn't really misunderstand at all).

Guess what? These two phrases have completely different meanings:

“…dehuminizing bigotries that fall from lips of faithful Christians, and the lies that spew forth from the pulpit of the churches faithful Christians drag their kids to on Sundays…”

“…dehuminizing bigotries that fall from lips of “faithful Christians”, and the lies that spew forth from the pulpit of the churches “faithful Christians” drag their kids to on Sundays…”

Do I really have to explain the nuance? With the quotations he’s showing that they aren’t really faithful Christians at all. It’s a method used all the time in writing, and if you disagree then please explain why he used quotes.

My point though, was serious. I’m sick and tired of the false meme that ridiculing religion is akin to ridiculing people. Your religion is not sacred to anyone but you. Now, if Dan advocated never voting for Christians because their religion is bullshit, I’d have a real problem with that. I’d feel the need to advocate against that bigotry despite the fact that I believe the Bible is no more than a really old collection of books.

You said: “Speaking for myself, I can only find blind arrogance and naked bigotry behind the assumption that *I* seek to stop any group from enjoying the rights that I get to enjoy - a sweeping, ignorant statement that you have absolutely no way to assert as fact, but which undoubtedly serves its purpose in allowing you to maintain your poisonous bigotry with a clear conscience. “

Don’t you read things before you comment on them? The only way that I’ve accused you of any of that is if you actually engage in it. It’s another language tool. You can use it in all manner of topics: When YOU dance for a living then YOU are are a dancer. When YOU fail to read a comment before responding then YOU look like an idiot.

I’ll ignore your wallowing in hypocricy and victimhood comments because you obviously don’t even know what I said.
Oct 6, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
@385 - I did not miss the point, JonP, I tried to address it. Please reread Dan’s response. Dan did not imply that the bigotry applies to the Christian faith as a whole. That was my point. He very specifically targets those Christians that use their faith to excorcise their bigotry (“The children of people who see gay people as sinful or damaged or disordered and unworthy of full civil equality-even if those people strive to express their bigotry in the politest possible way…-learn to see gay people as sinful, damaged, disordered and unworthy.”).

See, if it really were the bigotry of the Christian faith “as a whole”, then the atheists, divorced and interfaith couples would also be targeted…or nobody would be, and Christians would have overcome the inborne and antique bigotries of their faith. Neither is the case though. Homosexuals are specifically targeted as you yourself admit.

Nope, the real question is why are all the Christians that support equal marriage assuming, despite Dan’s words to the contrary, that they are being thrown into the same grouping as the bigots Dan really is talking about? I personally, think that is psychologically very telling as I implied with my shame comment. He also never said anything about being gay being the only reason children are bullied. Your brain supplied that bit.

I am aware (and share) Dan’s feelings on religion. And he did mock Christianity itself for being made up (“magical sky friend Jesus”). But he also did exactly what you accuse him of not doing: calling out those members who are guilty…. Those are two very different things, and the subtlety should not be lost on you.

Homosexuality as sin has not been blown out of proportion by ignorant Christians. It’s been cherry picked by informed individuals with a hateful agenda, to advance their cause, and very successfully I might add, due to the ignorant Christians being used by these bastards. And really, there is no excuse for their ignorance. If they are going to practice the religion and urge others to as well, to the point of legislation, then they should really inform themselves about the religion. It’s not bad, or uncouth to be angry about that. It is a natural and healthy response.
Oct 6, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
Wow, lots of ignorance overnight. Let’s break it down for the waaa-you-hate-Christians crowd. When you (YOU reader, not your religious institution) seek to stop a group from enjoying the rights that you get to enjoy, that makes YOU a bigot. When the group you are bigoted against are homosexuals, you are more specifically considered homophobic, although bigot still works. When you fail to understand and accept that about yourselves you will never 1) seek to change it, or 2) be able to understand how these bigoted beliefs affect your children and society at large. Dan tried to explain. All you heard was You Are Bad. If YOU are not using your religion to hurt another group, why is that what you heard? Hmmmmm, a little unconscious shame perhaps?

Now to address some individual commenters, why not?

#348 – Survival is not of the fittest; it’s of the most adaptive (or humans would never have made it, all hairless and vulnerable as we are). I don’t know about any gay lifestyles, but homosexuality is perfectly normal amongst many, many species, including humans. Yes, your ideas are wrong, and need to be updated.

#356 - Dan never said hetero marriage was wrong. When you call him hetero-phobic it reflects poorly on you (though it was highly amusing in a oh no he didn’t sort of way).

#362 – your stated beliefs are diametrically opposed. Unless you are very specifically speaking of religious marriage and not civil marriage, you cannot believe in equal rights for gays and also believe marriage is for a man and woman.

#363 –You claim the LGBT oppressed seeks power to become the oppressors based on comments here that ridicule religion. What a joke. Do you seriously think that if equal marriage became the law of the land today that LGBT people would seek to stop hetero marriage?

#371 – You’re a late bloomer by a long shot. I knew my sexuality by 6 (now 46). I didn’t know its name or connotations till later.
Oct 5, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
@331 - Venom also heals, when used appropriately, as Dan has done here.
Oct 5, 2010 NoxiousNan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
#306 – what a disappointing comment. Show me anything irrational in Dan’s response to the letter writer.

I completely agree with you about the word tolerance. Diversity should be embraced, not tolerated. But I am always very suspicious of those purportedly for a cause telling others their voices are too strident.

If you really do support equal marriage then focus your voice on the opposition. Dan’s anger over the continued harassment and deaths of children is controlled and powerful. Go find any social movement that got anywhere without justified anger. If you can’t, then STFU.