Feb 16, 2012 reka commented on Vagina Is For Probers.
What about the waiting period? Forcing a woman to look at the fetus isn't useful if it's directly before the procedure starts, so the bill also contains a waiting period. This means that many women will go through not one but TWO trans-vaginal ultrasounds, one directly before the D&C and medically necessary and one before the waiting period (2 hours to 1 day, it's not completely clear. However, even if the wait is 'only' two hours, I imagine the ultrasound that is a normal part of a D&C is to figure out where things are right then, not where they were two hours ago).

Also, Republicans: always finding new ways to make health care affordable!
Feb 2, 2012 reka commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lesbian Teen Not Happy With Her Parents—Or With Dan.
Her parents are Catholic, so their objections are likely cultural rather than Biblical (scripture is interpreted by the clergy and detailed reading of the bible isn't particularly encouraged). My parents cried about it being "a sin", but no bible verses were quoted, evidence cited, nothing to really argue against. That it is a sin is more unspoken cultural knowledge than anything more specific, so biblical knowledge is interesting but irrelevant.

I want to comment that her fear of 'reparative therapy' is healthy and should be listened to. It doesn't take too much repetition or even time for something to really warp ones thinking for years even. I only had March-August after I turned 18 and it was legal to kick me out of the house to 'be good' because I really wanted to go to college. It was amazing how long it took me to speak up for myself naturally after just six months of keeping my mouth shut and just swallowing everything (years). If you do have to try it, please call one of the helplines above after EVERY session. Talking to someone else who is sane and reasonable is really important after being told unreasonable things by 'authority figures', even ones you don't respect at all. (I should have done more of that, it would have really helped. However, I was sure I would be fine, it wasn't that long anyway, it wasn't that bad, I didn't want to bug anyone all the time, etc. and I really paid for that.)

And yes, some parents really, really care about their daughters not being lesbian. It's a combination of a lot of things, sin, damnation, grandchildren, but it probably comes down mostly to expectations. Not everyone is good at dealing with disappointment, and a lot of people want to be raising little versions of themselves, but better (little versions of themselves who are pretty and do things like go to prom). For my parents, at least a tiny bit of it was 'but your life will be so hard this way, can't you just be straight?' so it wasn't all complete and utter selfishness!
Oct 18, 2011 reka commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dump the Fucker Mother Already.
Similar situation (though my mom's just kind of crazy, so she's occasionally warm, often yelling, sometimes crying, mostly just unpredictable), but at this point, my dad is kind of inseparable from the whole mess. We've come to refer to him as a 'nazi collaborator' because often, in his efforts to make sure we "don't upset your mother," he can be worse than her. I see them very rarely and I like it that way.
Aug 13, 2011 reka commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.
Thank you for writing this. It was incredibly moving and gave me a feeling of peace I didn't know I was missing until reading it. It made me cry, partially in relief, when all other articles about your attack left me both jittery and devastated.

I have been reading all of Eli's articles about this by myself. I've only shared the existence of the crime with my partner, none of the soul wrenching details. I've been trying, in some strange way, to protect my own little family, frightfully similar to yours and Teresa's. I've also been trying to reassure myself that something like this couldn't happen to us, so I don't need to share it with the my partner. However what you wrote was too beautiful not to share, and puts all of my rationalizations to grinding shame. You are amazing and an inspiration in all sorts of ways.
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I had no idea ham draped so well!
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Detroit is very badly polluted (for example, up until a few years ago, there was an aluminum smelting plant within the city limits that left visible ash on a daily basis). It may look like a wilderness now, but anything other than fruit trees are a fairly dicey prospect.