Jan 18, 2014 sarge commented on Come Meet Progressive Talker Norman Goldman (and Me!) Saturday Night.
I answered my own question. Yes, you can. $20.
Jan 18, 2014 sarge commented on Come Meet Progressive Talker Norman Goldman (and Me!) Saturday Night.
Ticket sales have ended. Can you pay at the door?
Aug 30, 2013 sarge commented on How President Bush Might Keep Us out of War in Syria.
Obama knows a dumb war, too bad he doesn't know a dumb threat. It's the "red line" that boxed him in. Those two regrettable words are going to be costly. Although, in reality, all he threatened to do was change his "calculus/equation" if Assad used CW. He never actually threatened military action.
Aug 28, 2013 sarge commented on Winning in a Republican District.
He's also pro-choice!
Jun 11, 2013 sarge commented on Electric Cars Offer Washington Drivers the Highest Fuel Savings in the Nation.
My wife traded in her Sienna van for a Ford C-Max hybrid last December. We have already saved about 250 gallons of gas.
Apr 25, 2013 sarge commented on WA AG Bob Ferguson Orders T-Mobile to End Deceptive "No Contract" Advertising.
Did stuff like this ever happen when McKenna was AG?
Mar 26, 2013 sarge commented on Should Seattle Mandate That Construction Companies Hire Locally?.
I think a better idea would be a requirement that contractors state the number of local hires they will commit to along with their bid, and that number should be a factor in determining the winning bid, even if it means paying a reasonable premium for the project.
Feb 12, 2013 sarge commented on AP Memo Says People in Gay Marriages Are "Couples or Partners".
I agree with bitwise. Whenever someone mentions their "partner" I don't know if they mean lover or business co-owner.
Feb 11, 2013 sarge commented on Undercover Cops Entrap Reluctant Man into Selling Joint for $5.
This is racist to the core, and an example of how two University of Washington studies showed that our criminal justice system is plagued by systemic racial bias top to bottom. This type of thing happens almost exclusively to black dudes in the big city, and almost never to white dudes in the suburbs or rural areas. All things equal, blacks are more likely to be engaged (stopped, searched, targeted by undercover operations), more likely to be charged in any given circumstance, if charged, more likely to be tried, if tried, more likely to be convicted, if convicted, more likely to receive a longer sentence. It the substantial cause of racial disparity in our prisons and a disgrace. And it is not unique to Seattle, It happens everywhere.
Jan 31, 2013 sarge commented on "Why Should I Be Paying a Toll for Somebody Else's Bridge?" or Everything You Need to Know About What's Wrong With America.
My answer: Because the largest corporations, like Boeing and Microsoft, are too special to pay their fair share of taxes even as they disproportionally burden the infrastructure. In two words, corporate welfare.

A toll is just another regressive tax layered on top of the already most regressive tax system in the country. A better solution would be to tax the richest individuals and corporations appropriately.