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Oct 10, 2010 heidikillers joined My Stranger Face
Oct 10, 2010 heidikillers reviewed El Corazón.
I have been going to the el corazon for years. Ive never had any issues with security at all until this friday. First of all, the event was oversold and they were turning people who had purchased tickets away. It was a ticketing glitch and they sold over 150 tickets past capacity. There was a sign for ticket holders in one line, and will call in another. My group who had tickets, and about 20 other people proceeded to the ticket holders line only to be greeted by a ego maniac bouncer who said " I dont know why the hell your standing here, that (pointing to the will call line) is the only line". One guy responded saying "well maybe you should take down this sign then" (pointing to the clearly posted sign. We got back in line and the bouncer ripped the sign down. I personally got in fine. I look back and my friend was being told that he couldnt bring in his camera. Again, understandable I suppose even though I ALWAYS bring a camera. I went back outside and politely asked the bouncer what we should do with it. He very rudely looked at me and said"I dont care what you do with it, its not my problem". Im sorry but there is no reason to be so rude. There were no signs posted about cameras and it wasnt on the ticket or the website. So now Im pissed. I realize they probably deal with assholes all night long, but I wasnt being rude at all. We came on the ferry and had absolutely no where to put it. I asked if I could leave it with someone and he just grinned at me and said "no, its not my problem". What the hell? Luckily, we did find a nice security guy that held on to it for us and we finally went it. We had a drink in the bar and the bartenders were super nice expecially for how busy they were. We go out on the floor and it was PACKED. It was a pretty rough crowd which is to be expected at a metal show. After one song, a security guard came into the crowd, grabbed my friend by the collar and started pushing him out. Everyone around us was yelling "what the hell?!" because he was literally doing nothing wrong. They THREW him out to the street with absolutely no explanation. Must be their way of fixing their oversold problem?? I found the bouncer with the camera and thanked him (wish I got his name because he was the only one there who had any sort of poeple skills) When I got outside, the place was crawling with police so we didnt push the issue and just left. So after paying $26 for essentially nothing, I will never return. And , after reading all these reviews, I guess this is pretty common there. The only reason Im rating this place 2 stars is because Ive had so many pleasant experiences in the past. But after being treated like shit and not a paying customer that has spend hundreds of dollars at this buisness, I will never be back.