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Nov 11 skyweaver commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pain Can't Be Avoided.
I don't get what the problem is with the last line. I think there was sort of a kindness in it. Because if you have someone feeling sorry for you, it sort of validates why you feel bad about yourself. The kindness in what Dan said was "while I understand the situation must have been difficult, it's the same kind of difficulty in any relationship ending. but as far as the ending of the life was concerned, you'd already moved on (your right) so let's feel a little sadness on behalf of the family this guy left behind."
Oct 28 skyweaver commented on SL Letter of the Day: Here's Hoping This One Is Fake.
I don't get it. Why is there such surety this is a fake? Seems like a legit situation to me, what is so extreme about it that Dan keeps hedging his bet that it is? It seems entirely within the realm of possibility that this happened. I really am curious.
Oct 14 skyweaver commented on Hot Mug Shot: Man With Great Hair Arrested Desecrating Gravesite.
He looks a little Jesus-y. Jesus must have had great hair.

Which reminds me of this:…
Oct 4 skyweaver commented on SL Letter of the Day: Hard to Swallow.
Interest thread. I agree with 31. This is pretty cut and dried. I'm a straight woman and don't think anything sexual is degrading to women unless the woman herself *feels* degraded, and that's a huge, personal experience that differs from woman to woman. I enjoy a rape fantasy in my mind, but don't like rape-y vibes in actual sexual play, for example. Doggy style is sexy for me, I love it. But it would never occur to me to tell any other woman what that 'should' be to her.

But on a side note. Years ago when I'd swallow my husband's cum, I'd get diarrhea almost immediately. So I stopped swallowing a long time ago. My husband was disappointed because he thinks it's sexy, but he understood and it was a non-issue. It was interesting to read that this is a real phenomenon.
Sep 19 skyweaver commented on Wanna Cuddle With Strangers?.
"No sane adult wants to cuddle with a stranger."

I dunno. You're speaking as someone with a mate and a child and a lot of friends. I've known more than one person who seemed terribly, terribly lonely. If that were me, and maybe past a point, the mere idea of someone, anyone, offering to simply hold me might start to sound pretty good, in theory.
Sep 15 skyweaver commented on This Is an IKEA Ad.
I kind of like the parents giggling. It seemed like the giggle of "well, I can't do the stuff I normally do with my kids, which is pretend I'm not a sexual being."

I don't know the product, though.
Sep 4 skyweaver commented on Why Antigay Christian Bigots Always Lead with Leviticus.
Hey, agony @14 - you rock! This is such a basic point, but one I've never really thought about. Well done.
Sep 3 skyweaver commented on Those Leaked Celebrity Nudes: Have You Looked?.
Is that a firm resolve, Dan, or are you just happy to see me?
Aug 28 skyweaver commented on Federal Judge Appointed By Ronald Reagan Shreds Indiana's Lawyer During Oral Arguments About Indiana's Gay Marriage Ban.
If you want to hear just snippets of the recording, Slate has a nice breakdown of the highlights. I love the sound of fear being slowly broken down by the light of law and logic.

It really is a rare inspirational thing to listen to, isn't it?…
Aug 22 skyweaver commented on The Walrus Accuses Me of Saying Something I've Never Said and Refuses to Run a Correction.
I also put a comment down and while I was doing it about 4 or 5 came in at the same time all saying the same thing and asking the Walrus to amend the article. What a weird thing to have attributed to you, Dan.

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