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Oct 15, 2010 robert e lee commented on Fuck the South.
You, my friend, do not know what you are talking about. Not all of the founding fathers were from the north. As a matter of fact the important ones who did the most important things were from the south. Next, it was people from the south that said something should be done about slavery now. It was delegates from the north that got the whole thing pushed under the rug. Also the north was just as guilty in slavery as the south. And your "wonderful" president (who conducted an illegal war against states who had a right to withdraw from the union) was as much a bigot as anyone else. He said he would keep all negros enslaved if it meant preserving the union. This doesnt even touch on the fact that the so called proclamation freeing slaves freed slaves in the parts of the country he considered to be in rebellion. Well, this was illegal as he had no right to do such a thing. Thats beside the point at this time-the point being is all that proclamation was was an attempt at creating a fifth column. Which did not happen. How about the fact that there were thousands of blacks in the south that stood shoulder to shoulder with whites in defending their homeland from the yankee invader. Try reading real history for a change instead of one hundred and fifty years of yankee tainted history. If you dig deep enough you will find an unbelievable amount of writing from the time. And all of the writing from southern soliders say the same thing-they were going to war to protect their homes from an all powerful federal government. It was no different than when the thirteen colonies gave the king of england the middle finger.

And one more thing-you are a backwards neanderthal. Why dont you try some honest, decent dialog instead of caveman talk filled with nothing but cussing. Did your education not get any further than the pages of the dictionary that spells out cuss words?