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Mar 18 Drusilla commented on Wonkette Drops the Snark to Beg Bernie Sanders to Run for President.
@12, Whoa! Totally different story. If Bernie ran, he'd run as a Democrat, not as a third-party candidate.
Mar 13 Drusilla commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Ex Files.
@14 (agony): "And [slap] whoever put in their minds that the person who is supposed to help you get over a breakup is the person who broke up with you."

I remember a few years ago Dan calling this phenomenon "stage 4 Lesbianism." This couple may have been straight, but they sure had that disease!

Mar 3 Drusilla commented on Question of the Day.
It looks like that because both figures' lack of a neck make it appear that they are being viewed from above...or are both bending over. One person bending over another person who is bending over does have a certain air of aggression. It could also seem that the yellow figure was beginning to attempt the Heimlich maneuver on the black figure.

Redo the icon, give them necks, problem solved.
Jan 23 Drusilla commented on The Mugshot That Ate the Internet.
Justin's red jumpsuit signifies that he is a "high-profile inmate." So says Yahoo.

Alac was being metaphorical, I suppose.
Jan 15 Drusilla commented on Wedding Don'ts.
@13, weddings are neither luxury items nor super-expensive. They can be done for next to nothing if you have a friend who will officiate for you and you just serve sandwiches and ice cream to a few guests.

Of course, most people want to do more than that. But you can have a lovely wedding with great food and a pretty location and live music and nice clothes for well under $10,000.
Jan 3 Drusilla commented on Bill Nye the Science Guy to Debate Creation Museum Founder About Evolution.
@5 (wisepunk), I like your typo: " does it contain some good lessions? sure."
Something tells me that now, and for the rest of my life, any time someone mentions "bible lessons" I am going to think "bible lesions."
Dec 26, 2013 Drusilla commented on Savage Love.
What happens when you lean up against a washing machine on spin cycle? Does that bother your clit, or does it feel good? I ask because that is a deeper kind of vibration than a tickly vibrator.

Also, yeah, I get that twitch in my vulva or clitoris. Kind of like it's contracting or recoiling in a weird way.

If I were you, I would do exactly what you are doing. Concentrate on what does give you pleasure. Orgasms are very nice, but I didn't have one until I was 34, courtesy of a Magic Wand, which I had to apply through layers of fabric in order for it not to feel painful. But I look back on all the sex I had before that, and it was all wonderful sex. Sex didn't get better for me when I started having orgasms.

I know what you mean by "sexual pleasure" but I think sexual enjoyment, which is what you have, is much more important.

Here's a question for you: What, if anything, makes you juicy? Are there any events or scenes that make your vulva get all puffy and your underwear all wet? In short, do you experience arousal?
Dec 15, 2013 Drusilla commented on Ma Savage's Christmas Snowballs.
How many cookies does this recipe make, approximately?
Nov 27, 2013 Drusilla commented on "Yes, a Bird Is an Animal".
I'm depressed to think that there are people who don't know that birds are animals.
Oh, technically, they're fungi. I mean bacteria. Or is it plants?
Nov 20, 2013 Drusilla commented on SL Letters of the Day: More On Gym Oglers.
To what the 2nd LW said, "Try being female," I would like to add, Try being female and 13 or 14 years old. That's when it started for me.
I don't agree with @29. I grew up in a hippie community where there was a whole lot of nudity. There still was a whole lot of ogling, too. Mostly while my clothes were on.
Now that I'm older, and the ogling has pretty much disappeared -- god, it's wonderful. I don't miss a thing.

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